Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lipstick Queen Spring Fling Set

Back in mid March Lipstick Queen had a spring promotion and this Spring Fling Set was half price, so I snatched it up in a blink ^.^ The set includes 3 lipsticks, a Pink Sinner, Saint Coral (I pretty much bought the set for this color!), and Butterfly Ball Trance.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I've already reviewed all 3 formulas included in this set, Sinner, Saint, and Butterfly Ball, so I'll just go on to the colors.

Pink Sinner: Every Saint lipstick has a corresponding Sinner formula, for those who prefer pigmented and opaque color with a matte finish. This means Saint Red and Red Sinner are the same color with one sheer and one pigmented, right? Nope! Saint Red was yellow based red, and Red Sinner was blue based. Likewise, Saint Pink and Pink Sinner are slightly different. Saint Pink is a warm natural my-lips-but-pinkier pink, and Pink Sinner is surprisingly rosy on the back of my hand! It does apply pinkier on my lips, but still I had a total "huh?" moment when I swatched it. Thanks to Saint Pink, this Pink Sinner doesn't frighten me as much as Red Sinner did, though I will probably layer balm underneath it anyway to sheer it out because it's too opaque and not moisturizing at all.

Saint Coral: I was slightly disappointed upon twisting this lipstick up - it looks so brown in the tube! Thankfully, it's not brown at all ^.^ This is a warm coral that watches with more orange on the back of my hand and more pink on my lips. Not sure how that works but I lurv, lurv, lurv it nonetheless, so it's in my bag right now and will likely stay there for a while. Man, I think I might have to collect all the pretty colors in the Saint formula. These are soooooo nice! 

Butterfly Ball Trance: I have already have this color, so I gave my second stick to mum in law, who danced on her toes when she tried it on for the first time LOL!

From left to right: Pink Sinner, Saint Coral, and Butterfly Ball Trance.


Citrine said...

I missed out the sale(I bet there will be a summer one though), I just started to wear saint pink last week and I fell in love with the formula (it's so much better/less gimmicky than medieval) and can't wait to buy saint red someday... It's funny that you call it warm pink, I thought it was a mauve pink. It's the whole thing about undertones again....

D. said...

Hi Citrine,

Yeah, and I'm so looking forward to the summer sale! ^.^ I love the Saint formula so much although I love Medieval too. It feels like a balm on my lips and it's probably my most reached for lipstick (just ignore the whole medieval red story...)!

Wow, it's mauvey pink on you? That's crazy because it's totally warm on me! Nuts!


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