Friday, May 22, 2015

SkinFood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Part II

Having collected all 6 colors of the SkinFood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek, I was so so so excited when I saw the newest incarnation of these multi-purpose creams. They still come in the same sliding tins, only you get 3 different colors per tin to mix things up and create your own blend. What fantastic idea! There are 4 palettes available, which means a total of 12 different colors to play with! Yay! xD

From top to bottom: 1 Orange, 2 Strawberry, 3 Tomato, and 4 Fig. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Of course I have to compare the new and old tins! The old tins in a bronze color had problem staying closed, as in it won't close at all, with the lid sliding back and forth at will. This means if I wanted to take it with me in my bag, I'd have to put a rubber band around it or expect to get the lip and cheek cream to get on everything, and likewise dust, fuzz, and whatever else to get into the tin. Yuck! Thankfully, the new silver tins are a lot more secure. In fact, they're actually a bit hard to slide open and will click shut.

The old tins held 6g of product, versus the 7.5g the new tins, which divvies up to about 2.5g for each color. That said, when setting the new and old side by side, the new certainly look a lot bigger though they have the same thickness. I paid about $7 each before shipping.

Like the old creams, these new ones are lightly scented. Each palette has a different fragrance that's unique enough, and all are mild and pleasant, nothing too perfumy. All the colors are shimmer free and the texture is the same as the old versions, smooth, creamy, and on the thicker side, blending well on the cheeks leaving a dewy translucent wash of color. However, on the lips they feel really clay-like and drying. So I'm sticking with cheeks-only usage, which is pretty much how I use every cream or gel that's supposedly multi-purpose. Ha. 

Pigmentation wise they're much much better than the old version, very much Korea's take on Canmake Cream Cheek (the regular line and not the Clear Series, before they got all pale and milky). I would say palettes 1 Orange, 2 Strawberry, and 3 Tomato are the most pigmented, with 4 Fig lacking a bit, probably because of the nude colors in that palette. Also, I should point out that 1 Orange and 3 Tomato are the most popular, not surprising at all actually ^.^ I checked back one week after I made the purchase and both palettes were sold out. They're mostly sold out on E(vil)bay as well, leaving just one or two sellers with stock. Nuts!

1 Orange: a very warm combination of orange, peach, and apricot, scented with a nice citrus fragrance. Love!

From left to right: 
- More red in the tin but goes on a bright orange. 
- True to how it appears in the tin, a yellowy orange with some peach once blended.
- True to how it appears in the tin, a pretty apricot.

2 Strawberry: they got strawberry with this palette is beyond me! This is a cooler combination of pinks, very bubblegumy and it even smells like it ^.^

From left to right: 
- Warm peony pink in the tin but applies a cooler hot pink.
- Warm princessy pink in the tin but applies a paler and somewhat cooler pale pink.
- Cool fuchsia in the tin but applies with more violet on me.

3 Tomato: a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous combination of red and corals so juicy it makes my mouth water. It's every bit as pretty in real life as it is in pictures, with a flowery fragrance. See why it's popular? Love!!!

From left to right: 
- True red in the tin but turns out to be a blue based watermelon red. Beautiful!
- More orange in the tin but coral on me.
- Fire engine red in the tin but turns out to be a lovely reddish coral. 

So to show you how beautiful palettes 1 Orange and 3 Tomato are, I took pictures of them side by side for comparison. 1 Orange appears very, umm, orange next to 3 Tomato! *drools*

4 Fig: a warm combination of honey, peach, and nude that's the less pigmented than the other 3 palettes. I still think it's pretty because it gives me a very healthy glow, but it might not show up at all on some folks. This one has a flowery honey fragrance.

From left to right:
- A suede brown in the tin but goes on an orangey honey.
- True to how it appears in the tin, a peachy nude.
- Nude in the tin but goes on me with some apricot.

See my previous SkinFood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek post.


Citrine said...

Well, now I know what to look for when I go to Koreatown this weekend (don't feel like buying just one and pay shipping for it)...Tomato seems like my thing.

D. said...

Hi Citrine,

Oh neato Koreatown! Yeah, definitely try Tomato. I think you'll like it ^.^

Have fun!

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