Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SkinFood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek

I've had my eyes on these SkinFood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek for a long time and only recently did I buy all 6 available colors, though not all at once.  

I bought #1-4 on a home visit earlier in the year, so I was able to take pictures of those with my SLR at home, which has a nicer flash with more consistent indoor lighting. I prefer natural lighting over indoor with flash, but here in my apartment the sunlight shines directly in through my windows and paints everything yellow -.-' That's why many of the pictures I took here in Japan in the past year are either washed out (the sun was too bright), having a distinct yellow tint (from the sunlight), or too dark (cloudy/rainy day) T.T 

From left to right: #1 Pomegranate, #2 Berry#3 Grapefruit, and #4 Apricot. Left picture taken indoor with flash. Right picture taken in natural light without flash. I was lucky on that day to have caught the perfect natural lighting that's just right, not too bright and yellow, but not too dark either ^.^

#5 Peach and #6 Lychee I bought while living here in Japan, as shipping from Korea to Japan is a breeze. The 2 countries are next door neighbors, after all.

Anyway, these Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek are multi-purpose cream colors that can be use for both the lips as well as the cheeks. That said, I much prefer them as cheek colors rather than lip colors. They have a very smooth, semi-glossy texture that blends into a nice translucent wash of color. On the lips, however, they are unexpectedly opaque and feel similar to Stila Convertible Color. That is to say they magnify every line, crack, and dry flake, not to mention they aren't any where near adequately moisturizing, at least for my lips. They are all scented according to their names, though after a while they all start to blend together and smell like the same fruity scent to me :P

Now the packaging is a bit of a downer. I like the idea of a sliding tin, but I think in the end this particular sliding tin neither practical or sanitary. For a few, the sliding lid is rather loose and slides back and forth a tad too easily. That means throwing this into my bag risks the lid sliding open and making a mess. Only 2 of the colors has a more secure sliding lid, as in I need to apply some pressure to slide it open. And regardless of secure the sliding lid is, it is loosely capped and there are gaps where dust falls in rather easily! I store these separately in a makeup case with other cream cheek items, all in a clean makeup case with zipper closure and avoid taking them in and out until I was ready to take pictures of and use them. And yet opening these up just the second time after taking pictures, I already found some lint in them! :(

#1 Pomegranate: looks more raspberry than pomegranate to me! This blends into a reddish tint on my skin, like I've just taken a walk in the cold and my cheeks are red.

The below pictures were taken indoor with flash, unless otherwise noted.

#2 Berry: this "berry" is a bright fuchsia when swatched and becomes more of a hot pink after blending, though a bit on the sheerer side. It makes me look 10 years younger, and not always in a good way ^.^' A very bright and "perky" color that's more appropriate for the spring and summer. 

Top: #1 Pomegranate swatched and blended.
Bottom: #2 Berry swatched and blended. A beautiful fuchsia, isn't it?
Picture taken in natural light without flash.

#3 Grapefruit: looks a coral red in the tin but is definitely more coral than red when swatched. After blending, the color thins out but does not change.

The below pictures were taken indoor with flash, unless otherwise noted.

#4 Apricot: now this is a beautiful peach pink that's turns more pinky on me. It's very flattering, and although it's on the sheerer side, it's also very buildable.

Top: #3 Grapefruit, swatched and blended.
Bottom: #4 Apricot, swatched and blended.
Picture taken in natural light without flash.

#5 Peach: this "peach" is definitely pink ^.^ And although it looks innocent in the tin, it actually swatched a brighter bubblegum pink.

All pictures below were taken in natural light without flash. 

#6 Lychee: a nude tan with peachy undertone that turns orangey on my. It's also a tad more pigmented than the others so I apply it sparingly.

Top: #5 Peach, swatched and blended. 
Bottom: #6 Lychee, swatched and blended. 

Out of the 6 colors, I noticed that there are definitely 3 on the cool side (#1 Pomegranate, #2 Berry, and #5 Peach) and 3 on the warm side (#3 Grapefruit, #4 Apricot, #6 Lychee). So I separated them out for you to see along with their swatches.

- Cools, top row, with #2 Berry (middle) and #5 Peach (right) looking rather similar, #2 Berry being more of a hot pink with some fuchsia and #5 Peach being more of a bubblegum pink.
- Warms, bottom row, with #3 Grapefruit (left) and #6 Lychee (right) also looking similar, with #3 Grapefruit being more coral and than #6 Lychee being more orangey, at least on me.

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