Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Year-end Surprise ^.^

Yesterday I got quite a pleasant surprise in my Inbox - a comment from Julia of Colour Me Cute giving me a neat little blog award ^.^ 

I started this blog in 2007 as an outlet for my hobby, and the occasional interaction with the lovely gals who dropped me a comment or two, and gave some excellent advices and recommendations along the way(!!!), is already more than enough of a reward for me. But for someone to actually think of giving me a blog award? How sweet is that? Thank you for thinking of me, Julia!

And so I am happily passing this sweet gesture on. The "rule" is really just to pass this on to 7 other blogs that you read with a brief note, so below are my 7. Oh, and repeats are okay, or so I've been told. 

My 7 in no particular order:
- Julia from Colour Me Cute has given me some great advices, the best of which has totally changed the way I view and use Japanese greasy cream eyeshadows
- Same goes for Kuri from Tokyo クリ
- Citrine from Citrine's Blog and I have had some fun conversations too ^.^ And some of her blog posts cracks me up and I really appreciate her humor and candor. 
- Snowkei's Blog (in Chinese)


kuri said...

Thanks! I really enjoy reading your reviews.

D. said...

You're welcome, kuri! Happy [coming soon] Holidays ^.^

Citrine said...

Thanks! It means a lot because your blog is one of the first ones I have ever read and the only "oldie" that I stick with through out the years(some blogger just turned into a PR machine, some pricked my blogging pet peeves and some other just started to bore me...I guess it's not their fault that I have a short attention span). While I am still too cheap to cave in for the international markup, I swear one day I will haul all those canmake blushers, 100-yen store dishes, magazines/mooks whenever I get a chance. (Unfortunately, Mom isn't one of the options...A few months back I asked her to buy me a 60RMB/8UDS jade piece as specimen. She bought it...but she never even bother to ship it here since she thought it was "cheap and useless...")

D. said...

Hi Citrine!

LOL your mum sounds exactly like my mum!!!

You're very welcome Citrine! Keep up the humor and the frankness. I like it ^.^ Oh yeah, didn't you post about your blogger pet peeves a while ago? I remember laughing out loud reading it!

Happy Holidays!

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