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Etude House Orgel Light Eyes Part IV

I never had the chance to use the remaining 3 of my Etude House Orgel Light Eyes palettes, so for the past month and a half, I've been wearing these everyday (yes, everyday!) to school ^.^ 

All pictures taken indoor with flash unless otherwise noted.

Palette 04 Peach Brown

Palette 06 Grey Blue 

Palette 07 Khaki Brown

These Orgel Light Eyes have been out for a couple of years now, so there are only a few left on Ebay if you are interested. They all are baked eye colors and are very shimmery and sparkly with decent pigmentation. The finishes are different with each palette, but most colors show up spot on to how they appears in the pan, which to me is pretty amazing. Also, as with most baked colors, the shadows feel dry and chalky, but if I give them a few minutes they will adapt to the moisture on my eye lids. I don't know if these can be used wet, because I haven't tried.

04 Peach Brown: this palette appears ordinary, so it took me a long time to give it a chance. It turns out to have a rather interesting finish. All three colors are on the sheerer side, but what's really neat is that they all give off a "wet" sheen that I haven't seen with any other eye shadows. I can't really explain this very well, but they are metallic pearl, and are translucent and glossy at the same time. The downside is that this wet sheen becomes less visible if I apply more than 2 layers, which makes sense I guess. If you ever want to experiment with the glossy eyes look, try topping matte shadows with just one wash of these as a finishing touch.

From top to bottom:
- Ivory: metallic pearl, very sheer. This is one of the few colors that applies lighter than it appears in the pan, and only so because it's the sheerest out of all 3 colors and has the most translucent metallic pearl finish. So the "wet" glossy sheen is most obvious with this color. When I'm super duper lazy, I would just apply one wash of this then liners and -poof- beautiful glossy lids! Love it!
- Warm petal pink: metallic pearl, low intensity. This one appears true to the color in pan, having just a bit more pigmentation than the ivory above. This means the metallic pearl finish is not as translucent, and the wet sheen is weaker, but still visible in the first layer. It's the more interesting older sister of the princess pink color in the palette 03 White Pink, being just a touch darker as well.
- Reddish rose: metallic pearl, low intensity. Same with the petal pink above, this color appears true to the color in pan but doesn't have as translucent a metallic pearl finish as the ivory. The wet sheen is the weakest with this color, but it's still very pretty.

I layered these swatches, and I really shouldn't have. You can't really see their translucency anymore, and the "wet" sheen is barely visible. You can sort of see it with the ivory color on the far left but not with the pink or reddish rose. These are bad swatches, sorry! Picture taken in natural light without flash.

06 Grey Blue: I guess in comparison to the 04 Peach Brown palette above, this one is remarkably less interesting as it's just a metallic combination of gray, pink, and ink blue. It is more pigmented too! This one is my fall-back palette that I reach for when I want to just blend in.

From top to bottom:
- Silvery gray: metallic, medium intensity. A medium crease shade that's too dark to be used as a wash but too light to be used as a liner. I use it to line my eyes anyway :P
- Cool pastel pink: metallic, low intensity. A tad lighter but nonetheless very similar to the pink palette 01 Silver Purple.
- Ink blue: shimmer, high intensity. A very pigmented inky blue that makes a perfect liner!

Picture taken in natural light without flash.

07 Khaki Brown: this palette is seriously stunning and the one I reach for most often since I wear a lot of neutral colored outfits now that go very well with is color combination. It's the most pigmented one out of all 7 Orgel Light Eyes palettes too, so I don't ever use all 3 colors at once. I prefer my makeup on the sheerer side, especially during daytime, which is really a waste of this palette. Oh well...

From top to bottom:
- True gold: metallic, medium intensity. A much more pigmented, intensely metallic, and brighter yellow gold than the gold in the palette 02 Golden Yellow. It's gorgeous on its own, so I just wear it all over my lid and line with either the olive green or the chocolate brown.
- Olive green: metallic, medium intensity. A beautiful deep olive, need I say more? Its medium intensity makes it a lighter liner, but if I want it darker I just apply 2 layers ^.^ Love this color! It definitely makes a more interesting pair with the gold. 
- Chocolate brown: metallic, high intensity. A very pretty metallic chocolate brown that doesn't turn muddy on me at all. Makes a perfect liner!

The gold looks intensity metallic even without any light shining directly on it. Crazy, no? Picture taken in natural light without flash.

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Julia Phoenix said...

hello! i'm a blogger from spain and have fallen in LOVE with your blog :) here you have a really loyal follower! :D

if someone you're interested in doing some make up exchange in order to test spanish make up brands just warn me!

many kisses and love!,

D. said...

Hi Julia!

Thank YOU for reading (and loving)! What a wonderfully sweet comment you have left for me :)

What is your favorite brand of makeup from Spain?

Kisses and love right back at you!

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