Thursday, November 3, 2011

Komenuka Bijin Toner

Starting using this Komenuka Bijin Toner sample after I finished up the 2 sample bottles of SkinFood Black Raspberry Toner (it took me 2 weeks to finish 1 bottle!!!). I have read a lot about this brand and how people say the rice bran in it does miraculous things for their skin. I'm not about to shell out the dough for a miracle (if such miracles exist, that is), so for now I'm content with just trying this toner sample :P

I was expecting a viscous texture like the vast majority of Japanese made toners, but this one is actually clear and runny like water. It's unscented, and there's a stopper at the mouth of the bottle so I have to squeeze the bottle a little bit to get a few drops. I don't use this toner as instructed on the website (i.e. with a cotton ball), I just put a few drops onto my palms and then pat it onto my freshly cleansed face. 

According to the product information page on TrueRenu, this toner is alcohol free and there is not an oil ingredient making it a hydrator. But then the ingredients list shows Japanese sake, which the last time I checked is alcoholic...? Errh...? Anyway, aside from the lovely short list of ingredients, I can definitely feel the hydrating factor. In fact if I put on too much, my face will get sticky although it does absorb completely after a while and the stickiness disappears. It's definitely a very nice toner, and I'm deliberating whether I should drop $36 for a full size bottle, which will probably take me forever to use since a few drops goes a long way for me. May be I'll split it with my mum ^.^ Hmm...

Komenuka Bijin Toner
Water, Rice Bran, Japanese Sake, Glycyrrhiza, Seaweed, Chamomile, Aloe, Collagen, Towel Gourd.
***List of ingredients from

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