Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NYX Mosaic Powder

A couple of years after Victoria's Secret discontinued my favorite Mosaic Highlighter, I was thrilled to have stumbled onto NYX Mosaic Powder line, which has an identical highlighter to the VS one I so loved. At at least judging by appearance, they look identical. That got me really curious of course, and upon looking into NYX I ended up with several of the Mosaic Powders and then some! ^.^

I haven't actually used any of these powders yet, so this post is just a preview with pictures. I can only tell you that their packaging is really bulky and the compact doesn't feel very sturdy. But otherwise, the powders feel fine and smooth and do not produce much dust. In fact, to the touch they feel just like the Lancome Blush Subtil I'm using! I have read about the 01 Highlighter breaking a few folks out, but again I haven't used mine so I really don't know. It doesn't help either that I brought them all home on my last visit in late September/early October and left them there, simply because they are too bulky and I just don't have the storage space for them here in Japan. So yeah, unfortunately no swatches for them either. Sorry!

#01 Highlighter. All pictures taken indoor with flash.

#04 Peachy

#05 Champagne: When I first saw this I thought I had ordered the wrong color. Doesn't #05 Champagne look super dark and vampy?

#06 Rosey 

#08 Spice

#09 Paradise 

#10 Love: I went through a phase where I was going nuts for orange blushes and totally drooled over this #10 Love. Love indeed!

#12 Dare


Ann said...

I have #01 highlighter I cant use it as a highlighter because the colors really show on me but they make such lovely eyeshadows! (And blush without the brown and ivory) a little bit dusty but quite nice :)

And because I'm a masochist I bought too #10 love such georgeus orange shades!! and of course I have to gave it away ;)


D. said...

Hi Ann,

Yes, I love #10 Orange too but it sort of scares me, still, after all these years LOL To make the matter worse NYX blushes are super pigmented and very easily overdone. I'm scared to death of walking out and about with orange clown face :(


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