Thursday, November 24, 2011

Only in Japan...

It's not just fashion and cosmetic brands that churn out seasonal, and often limited edition, collections. I don't know about else where in Asia, but in Japan, many snack and beverage (read: American) brands like Pepsi, Cocacola, and KitKat like to put out "limited edition flavors" too. And I don't know why that works so well in Japan, but the folks here are beyond curious and these limited edition flavors almost always sell out extremely quickly. I remember one Christmas a couple of years ago, my sister came home with a giant box of KitKat with 12 different flavors as present for my dad and he looked at her like she was nuts. Mean while, both she and I marveled over the different flavors and how far and beyond she had gone to get a hold of that gift box LOL! I guess that makes us one of the curious ^.^

And then the other day at the local groceries, I spotted this curiously pink bottle of Pepsi. Alas, it was one of the 2 bottles left on the shelf of the limited edition Pepsi Pink "Strawberry and Milk" flavor. I grabbed it, despite hubby's eyebrow-raising. It was...interesting. Like a strawberry and milk flavored soda and nothing reminiscent of Pepsi. LOL!


Citrine said...

I actually envy you guys (people in Japan) for having those LE kitkat...or just Asian candies in general. Stuff in America are way too boring and...sweet.

Unknown said...

lol if i were in ur shoes i would have done the same thing! XD.

D. said...

Hi Citrine,

Yeah the KitKats are nice, and I definitely agree with stuff in America being way too sweet. Hmm...may be I can start an import business for Japanese candies ^.^


D. said...

Hi crazypoplock,

I bet all those folks who bought the limited edition flavors bought them out of curiosity too ^.^ In that sense, I guess those crazy flavors make a neat concept, no?


saltvinegar said...

Hahaha Japanese ppl are too creative!

D. said...

Hi saltvinegar,

I don't know if it's creativity or wackiness or a mix of both, but a few years ago (2007? or was it 2008?) Pepsi put out a limited edition Cucumber flavor and it was sold out promptly O.o


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