Thursday, November 24, 2011

T'estimo Color Lighting Part III

Happy Thanksgiving!

These are the last of my T'estimo Color Lightings that I've been holding onto since forever but haven't had the chance to try :( But it's shimmer season, so I'm going all out with all my pretty daytime highlighters ^.^ 

These T'estimo ones are even more subtle than the Canmake Highlighter in 05 Beige I reviewed yesterday. Their pearlized shimmers are less dense, so even with scattered shimmer particles that are a little more visible, the overall effect is more gentle. This makes me regret not trying these sooner as they might be passable for use during the summer too. Oh well, there are sunny days during the winter, and these light up my face when the sun hits. Love it! The down side is that during cloudy days without any sun, these don't make much of a difference at all and I couldn't even tell I was wearing any highlighter. Boo. 

EX-08: an off white with gold color dots and gold shimmer overspray. 

All pictures taken indoor with flash.

Anyway, the powders are very fine and smooth and don't produce much dust. They are unscented, and while the 3 circles of shimmers are sprayed on, the 3 circles of "colors" underneath are pressed all the way through the pan and won't go away after a few application. And honestly the "colors" are really just decorations as these are sheerer than translucent powders ^.^ They are unscented.

EX-10: peach with pink color dots and peach shimmer overspray.

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