Thursday, November 17, 2011

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Mineral Correcting Powder

One of the few (many?) things I brought back with me from my late September/early October home visit is this Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Mineral Correcting Powder in Translucent. I actually debated for quite a while whether I should even buy this, because the packaging is completely idiotic and unnecessarily bulky. But in the end I went with it (and a few others -.-').

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Mineral Correcting Powder in Translucent. All pictures taken indoor with flash.

Before I go on with the product, let me get this off my chest - I really really really hate the packaging. Actually, it's not just this product, but rather most, if not all, Physicians Formula's powder and blush compacts, they are so hideously ugly! When I bought Shiseido the Makeup Multi-shade Enhancer, I thought it was ugly. However, the Physicians Formula compact actually makes the Multi-shade Enhancer compact looks prettier now! In general I don't care much for packaging, unless it's something I haven't seen before like DHC Rose Beauty Shimmer Cocktail Powder Q10. I appreciate functionality the most any type of packaging, but the fact Physicians Formula's compacts are so stupidly bulky, it negates any efforts they put into it.

Basically, the Mineral Correcting Powder comes in a clear plastic compact. You can see right through the lid and know exactly what you're buying. Okay, that's good. Underneath the powder pan is a mirror, and this level closes down on a compartment where the brush is kept. By concept, this also sounds good, but take a look at how big that brush compartment is versus the size of the actual brush. To make matter worse, unlike the ones with come with Japanese powder/blush compacts where they at least try to make the brush works on some level, this brush is a total POS and it's the first thing I throw out upon opening up the compact. I'm not the only one who does that either. According to what I read, most people also throw it out because it's just so crapstatic!

So now I'm left wondering if they're not going to try to make a decent or even average brush, why bother making it at all? Why not just skip it altogether and save some unnecessary expenses? Think about it, not only Physicians Formula will save on the extra materials to make the crappy brush, they won't need the extra materials to make that bottom compartment to store the brush in either. This, in turns, makes the compact smaller as well as lowering the cost of the overall product at retail level. It's a win-win for both them and their target audience, right? Okay, [long] rant over. Sorry.

The great news is that, despite that ugly ass packaging, the powder itself is really quite wonderful and I'm actually really happy I gave it a chance! I'm not sure if it is supposed to be scented, but it has a nice and light powder fragrance. Although it's not as silky soft as the L'Occitane Facecolour Powder I also recently bought, but for half the retail price it's pretty damn soft and smooth! I'm very pleased, not only with the texture but also with the fact that it has shimmers so finely milled the resulting finish is a beautiful and luminous satiny glow! Given that I bought Translucent, there is no coverage other than the nice brightening effect, which I do distinguish from a shimmery highlighting effect with more visible shimmers. On days when I'm tired and didn't get much sleep, I just apply this all over with an extra of Lavshuca Loose Powder Foundation on my under eye area (yes, I still use that powder, and yes, it's still perfectly fine). It does get dusty when I swirl my brush over, but this is a minor fault given how nice the powder is. Now if they would just fix the packaging...

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