Monday, November 14, 2011

Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick

I got these itty bitty little tubes of Clinique Blushwear Cream Sticks as GWP and I'm taking quite a liking to them ^.^

I was intrigued when Clinique first came out with a cream cheek color, but not curious enough to go buy a full size just to try them out. Which is why when I saw a GWP with these adorable little tubes, I jumped on the chance. I told you I love Clinique's Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipsticks, so what other excuse do I need, right?



I'm still not sold on a full size, but rest assured this is a good thing. It's because these cream blushes are rather pigmented, and each time I only need a few dabs of the fingertip for some color. So I'm actually quite content with just 2 tiny sample tubes of these Cream Sticks, as they will last me for quite a while. The formula is unexpectedly soft, much softer than my long time love Stila Color Push-ups! At first this softness worried me as I thought they would get mushy, melt, or worse, dry out, but nope, none of that happened so far. Also, the cap snaps on so securely they've been tossing around in my purchase without any problem at all.

- Glow: a bronzy nude with lots of gold shimmers. Don't worry, the shimmers aren't gawdy at all, and after blending in it gives me a sun kissed effect, so it's really a "light" bronzer, if you will.

- Rosy: now this is a gorgeous matte rose pink without any shimmers at all. It appears to be on the warmer side in the tube, but after blending it looks pretty neutral to me. Either way, it imparts a lovely flush as if one had just bumped into her crush ^.^

- Top row: Glow swatched (left) and blended (right)
- Bottom row: Rosy swatched (left) and blended (right)
Picture taken in natural light without flash.


kuri said...

oh how lovely and cute!
I want them!
how do you find the lasting power?

D. said...

Hi kuri,

These tiny gwp tubes are adorable, aren't they?

The cream blush lasts decently well on me without getting all melty. But also consider that it's no longer hot and humid right now and I don't know how these would fare in the Japanese summer heat -.-'


kuri said...

They're super cute! Okay, not much lasts through the summer humidity so I don't ask that much of my makeup :) I'll keep an eye out for these.

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