Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stila Color Push-up Part III

This post is way overdue, and it features the rest of my Stila Color Push-ups in 3 colors, Sweet Flash, Cream Flash, and Rouge Flash, rounding up my small collection together with the 2 previously-reviewed Fuchsia Flash and Pink Flash

I really wish Stila didn't do away with these as I honestly love them, from their outer super cute packaging to their color sticks inside. Not only they have a smooth texture, I feel the color blends easily and is very buildable. The only inconsistency I see is in the pigmentation. Admittedly, these Color Push-ups are generally on there sheer side, and some are even sheerer than others. While I very much appreciate a fool-proof cheek color, I understand many others may be frustrated with the lack of color. 

Sweet Flash. Pictures taken indoor with flash, unless otherwise noted. 

Cream Flash

Rouge Flash

- Sweet Flash: a coral that turns slightly orange on me. Of the 3 colors featured in this post, this one is the most pigmented.

- Cream Flash: I love this color! It's a fleshy pink that gives my cheeks a natural flush as if I had just been pinched ^.^

- Rouge Flash: now this one is probably the sheerest Color Push-up out of all 5 colors I own. It's all bark and no bites at all, looking dark and scary but is totally translucent. If there's such a thing as a practice gear for cheek colors, this one definitely qualifies. You honestly cannot over apply this, unless you really paint it on in thick layers!

From left to right: Sweet Flash swatched (top) and blended (bottom), Cream Flash swatched (top) and blended (bottom), and Rouge Flash swatched (top) and blended (bottom). Picture taken in natural light without flash.

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