Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lancome Blush Subtil

I was never a big fan of Lancome Blush Subtil, because they honestly look boring to me. From the packaging to the color options, they're all similarly lackluster. So I kept putting off trying these GWP blushes for other much more fun options out there :P

That's not to say Lancome isn't coming out with anything interesting, or that I won't be buying any Lancome blushes at all. Lancome does put out pretty neat stuff, and I have bought a few of them, like the Butterflies Fever Blush in Glowy Ballerine, the Desert Rose Blush, or the Maison Lancome Blush released this summer, none of which I've actually gotten around to even take pictures of! For now, enjoy these stock pictures ^.^

Butterflies Fever Blush in Glowy Ballerine

Desert Rose Blush 
***Pictures from Lancome USA.

Maison Lancome Blush 
***Picture from

Anyhoo, when I finally got to my Lancome Blush Subtils though, what do you now, they are boring just as I thought. Ha :P Mind you, these aren't bad blushes. Far from that, they're decent, just not decent enough to command that $30 department store price tag. For one, they're sheerer than expected. And while I love sheer blushes and am not complaining at all on this point, I wouldn't plop down $30 for a sheer blush. Secondly, while the powders are finely milled they don't feel nearly as soft as some of my other blushes, like the recently reviewed (but not so recently released) The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Roseflower Blush! And The Body Shop blush retailed for half the price too! The only redeeming points for these Lancome blushes so far are their mild rose fragrance and the fact that they create minimal dust when I sweep my brush over them. Otherwise, my conclusion is that they are overpriced.

Miel Glace (top) and Rose Fresque (bottom). All pictures taken indoor with flash, unless otherwise noted.

- Miel Glace: a shimmery fleshy nude color that turns peachy on me. No worries, the shimmers are very fine, and they give the blush a sheen instead of sparkles.

Rose Fresque: a muted rose with some mauve thrown in. This color has no shimmers at all and is matte. Out of all 3 colors I like this one best because it gives me a nice pinky glow.

Cedar Rose (top) and Rose Fresque (bottom)

- Cedar Rose: this is supposed to be peachy but it becomes more of a pinky nude on me. This color also has no shimmers and is matte.

Front left to right: Miel Glace, Rose Fresque, and Cedar Rose. And I really had to rub these on to get them to show up on the back of my hand too! 
Picture taken in natural light without flash.

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