Friday, April 29, 2016

Coffret D'Or 2016 Spring Premium Stay Rouge Swatches

I've running so behind on photos I totally forgot I'd swatched the Coffret D'Or 2016 Spring releases for Premium Stay Rouge! Thanks, Caty, for reminding me ^.^

There are 8 new colors this spring, 4 in the regular lineup in the unscented formula and the white metallic tubes, and 4 limited editions scented formula in the pale pink metallic tubes. 
***Screencap from Coffret D'Or JP.

Regular line-up (top row in screencap):
- PK-299 Orchid Pink
- PK-300 Clear Pink
- PK-301 Poppy Pink
- PK-302 Peach Pink

Limited edition (bottom row):
- PK-303 Lavender Pink
- PK-304 Blossom Pink
- PK-305 Berry Pink
- PK-306 Apricot Pink

Yeah, I'm not too thrilled about the 4 LE colors being scented, but I'll put up with it because I love these lippies so much. I did give the testers a quick sniff when I was swatching and didn't find them offensive, which is a good thing I guess. What I wasn't sure about was whether all 4 LE colors have the same scent or each had a scent that matched the name. They all smelled similarly fruity flowery to me.

- PK-299 Orchid Pink: cream jelly, a translucent warm pink with lots of coral, far from orchid as you can see.

All pictures taken in indoor lighting without flash.

- PK-300 Clear Pink: cream jelly, being semi opaque it's neither "clear" nor is it a pink but a deep, reddish rose. How they came up with this name is beyond me! But the up side is that this is one of the most pigmented color among these new releases.

- PK-301 Poppy Pink: jelly, translucent and warm, pale pink, way too pale to be poppy if you ask me. Given how it barely shows up on the back of my hand, it's probably going to disappear on my lips. 

- PK-302 Peach Pink: jelly, translucent peachy coral. I was tempted to pick this up but ended up passing because it's just going to be my-lips-but-better once applied, and honestly I have too many of those already.

- PK-303 Lavender Pink: jelly, transparent barely-there pink. Yes, it's transparent. See for yourself. Lavender? What lavender? I don't even know why they bothered with this pathetic color, because there's no color! I mean, at this point I might as well go get a clear lip balm for a fraction of the 2,500JPY price. Boo. Hiss.

- PK-304 Blossom Pink: jelly, translucent hot pink. Now we're talking! Absolutely love this color!

- PK-305 Berry Pink: jelly, translucent blue-based red. Even more love! If anything, it was this very color that got me looking forward to these new releases.

- PK-306 Apricot Pink: I didn't even bother swatching this color because, well, it's a "warmer" version of PK-303 "Lavender Pink" above, that is, if you can even see the color. Urgh. I'm so annoyed.

Anyway, can you guess which 4 colors I bought? ^.^

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Caty said...

Yay! Thanks for posting these. Too bad it looks like the LE shades are a pass for the most part.

D. said...

Awww... that's too bad. You don't like PK-304 or PK-305? Those are my favorite colors!


Caty said...

Oh they're pretty but I look like death in cool toned lipsticks. :(

D. said...

LOL that's how I feel with blue and green eye shadows!! xD


kuri said...

Tell me about Berry Pink! Worried it's too cool for me too. Darn limited editions

D. said...

Hi kuri,

Are you cool or warm-toned? I'm very warm and this color actually turns warm on my lips, almost a reddish coral! It even swatches warm on the back of my hand (in natural light, no flash), so I'm thinking it was the white lighting of the store that made it look so cool.


kuri said...

I think I'm neutral, because eyeshadows that are too warm or too cool don't work well for me. I tend not to like blue-based reds as they lean pink on me.

Hrm, maybe it will work for me :)

D. said...

Well, on the back of my hand it's a warm red-pink, and on my lips it turns slightly more coral.

If you're near any drugstore you could go play with the testers?


Citrine said...

I just ordered berry pink and blossom pink. Too bad the older LE are gone from adambeauty though...

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

I hope you'll like them! ^.^

Although for the Blossom Pink, I'll tell you that in natural light it actually turns slightly more opaque and much paler on the back of my hand as well as on my lips. It ended up looking similar to the photo on Adam Beauty instead of the hot pink swatched in the store's indoor lighting :( This is the very frustrating reason I take review photos in natural light without flash, whereas with in-store visits it's difficult to swatch and then leave the store to go outside to take pictures.

Then again it might just be me and my skin tone, so it may very well be hot pink on you!


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