Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment

Aside from the CeraVe Eye Repair Cream, my angel also sent me this super generous gift--the Sephora Favorites 2015 Skin Wonderland kit that I'd been eyeing but couldn't get because it had sold out online (thank you again, A.! *kisses*).

I tore into the kit the moment I got my grubby hands on it of course. At the time, I had ran out of a serum, so I tried the 10mL tube of Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment first.

See why I coveted this kit? It's got some great stuff in it and I'll surely (though perhaps slowly) go through them all! 

This is a lactic acid treatment used like a serum, so I applied it after toning but before moisturizing. Being an AHA means it does cause photo-sensitivity, which means a sunscreen of SPF30+ is strongly recommended during the use of this product. Though you know me, I don't step outside without a sunscreen of SPF50+ regardless.

Unfortunately, this treatment didn't work out too well for me. It didn't break me out and I had no adverse reaction or anything. Instead, it was the smell--it's very strongly scented with a tart, chemical odor. Now I don't believe the product had gone bad because it wasn't a putrid sour, and my skin didn't react badly. I just couldn't stand the smell, simple as that. I tried so hard to like it and used it for two whole week at night, but in the end I just gave up. The smell was just too much for me.


Alana said...

Yay! I was tempted to get that kit myself when I was at the store, it was so hefty! :)

D. said...

Hey there Alana!

Awww, you should have! Is there anything you want to try from my kit?


Alana said...

Nah, I can stop by a store and pick up samples for anything so I'm good! Besides, I still have a ton of products in my stash, I need to cut down from all the skincare stuff I have! My studio is bursting at the seams.

D. said...

Ok! If you want to try something from Japan, let me know! Because you know, there's a land of skincare over here too :P


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