Friday, March 3, 2017

Lipstick Queen Oxymoron Matte Gloss Part II

I think Lipstick Queen is going to phase out the Oxymoron Matte Gloss, because right now they're going for a ridiculous $7.20 a piece on LQ's website, down from the original retail of $24. With 0.18oz./5g of product, these compacts are even more generous than Stila Convertible Colors, making them a serious steal at the current sale price.

I already have Honest Politician from the Lipstick Library Volume 2 - Look of Love and I do like it a lot, it was a no-brainer to pick up the remaining 3 colors: Free Ride, Minor Crisis, and Open Secret.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

This is going to a sticking point for those who don't like LQ's packaging: these Matte Gloss have the same sticky rubbery feel as the Saint Lipsticks, only they're plastic compacts versus metal tubes with a rubbery coating. Living in a drier climate, I don't mind either the lipstick tubes or these compacts. Regardless, at $7.20 each I think it's still worth the purchase. These multi-purpose lip and cheek creams are fantastic!

I've already reviewed these Matte Gloss in detail, but here's a short reminder why I like them so much. Their texture and finish fall somewhere in between Stila's thick cream and powdery matte versus Canmake and Face Stockholm's lighter cream and/or jelly and translucency.

To be honest, both LQ and FS are in my rotation tray right now and I'm reaching for LQ way more often than FS. Why? Because LQ is less pigmented than FS, making them much easier to work with, much more forgiving and harder to overdo, and they just look more natural on me. I totally scored these paying the price I did, though I won't be getting any backup because I'm quite certain my stash of cream cheeks will last me a lifetime. Whereas I'm actually using up my lipsticks and that definitely warrants backups in certain colors I reach for almost daily.

- Free Ride: shimmer free tawny coral.

- Minor Crisis: shimmer free rose.

- Open Secret: shimmer-free brighter pinky coral. I like this color best but all 4 colors in this line works well and are equally flattering on me. Quite impressive!

From left to right: Free Ride, Minor Crisis, and Open Secret.

The whole Matte Gloss line, with Honest Politician at far left.

See my previous Lipstick Queen Oxymoron Matte Gloss post.


kuri said...

Maybe I'll get open secret or free ride for a friend!

D. said...

Hi Claire,

I love Open Secret myself! It's a really vibrant and fresh pink but is translucent enough to keep me from turning into a clown ^.^"


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