Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Nivea Cream Care Body Wash

I ended up with 6 of these 10mL packets of Nivea Cream Care Body Wash, 4 from the two bottles of Skin Milk Refreshing (Sappari) 200g and 2 from one bottle of Skin Milk Creamy 200g. That's a nice travel-sized 60mL's worth! Good thing I'd just finished a backup bottle of L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil, so I emptied all 6 packets into it ^.^

The name always messes with my expectations, goddammit! The Cream Care Body Wash got me to look forward to a creamy, lotion-like body wash like those sold at the stores, but of course that's not the case at all, this being a Japanese body wash and not American.

So instead, what I get is a liquid so concentrated it's sticky like dish soap. Eeeps! And just as liquid dish soaps do, this body wash foams like there's no tomorrow. I literally need just a tiny dollop the size of my fingernail to get a thick foam to wash with!

The upside is that it smells really nice, the scent of the original Dove soap bars. Erhhh, a Nivea body wash that smells like Dove soap bars? Yup. But I'm not complaining ^.^" As long as I don't use too much, it works okay and it smells lovely. I think 60mL of this stuff will be just right, any more and it'll take me forever to use up.


kuri said...

lol, are they recycling scents?
I like the super concentrated foaming face washes that you only need a minuscule dab of for the entire face

D. said...

Hi Claire,

I sure don't mind them recycling this scent! It smells really good!

My hubby loves the foam too. In fact, he'll complain and whine when his face or body wash doesn't foam like crazy. My skin, on the other hand, won't tolerate much foaming and will get really dry and itchy with a foamy product. So we now have 2 separate body washes in the shower, his and mine ^.^"


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