Thursday, December 6, 2018

Clarins Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion, Part II

Brought this 10mL/0.33fl. oz. bottle of Clarins Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion on the same recent trip to San Jose also. I'm not through with my full size bottle of Suppin Essentials Essence Lotion yet and 150mL is over the liquid limit for carry-on, so I made do with this Clarins sample instead.

Woah, did they change the scent to this toner too? I really like the scent now. It's much more powdery and less grandma than I remember. That, or I've simply come to like grandma scents as I age ^.^" Either way, I reserve the right to change my mind. Ha.

Anyway, I didn't follow the instructions this time around and soak a cotton pad with it. I just poured some out into my palm and patted it onto my face. It feels so nice going on, calming and soothing. I like it so much after just the first use I immediately went to Clarins' website to order a full size bottle. Let's hope the fragrance won't change again anytime soon.

See my previous Clarins Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion post.

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