Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Elixir Superieur Travel Kit

When hubby and I visited Nagoya a few weekends ago, we stayed at a discounted hotel chain, the Hamilton Hotel Red - Nagoya, which was quite basic and decent in my opinion. There were no in-house restaurants or bar, just straight up nice and clean rooms for a decent price, which is really how most hotels should be. What else do you think is running up the tab for us travelers?

Anyway, aside from the room amenities, the hotel's front desk also has a small basket with these nifty Elixir Superieur Travel Kits for sale, 500yen (~US$6) each. Of course I had to buy one, and not because I didn't pack my own toiletries at all :P 

Elixir Superieur Travel Kit

The Elixir Superieur Travel Kit includes the Makeup Cleansing Gel N 8g, Cleansing Foam N Type II Moisturizing 8g, Lifting Moisture Lotion Type II Moisturizing 8mL, and Lifting Moisture Emulsion Type II Moisturizing 8mL in a clear plastic sleeve with button closure. In addition, there are also cotton swabs, cotton puffs, and a shower cap, each in their own plastic packaging. Then everything was put into a white organza bag tighten with a white ribbon at top. How adorable is that? I don't recall seeing lovely travel kits like these for sale at the front desk at any hotels I've stayed at in the past. Could it be I've been blind all this time and just plain missed them? Have you seen anything like these at the hotels you've stayed at?

Anyway, the travel kit has a retail value of 651yen (~US$8), not counting the cotton swabs, cotton sheets, and the shower cap. I see all these Shiseido Elixir skincare lines (there's also an Elixir White line, for whitening care) at my local drugstores all the time but never thought of buying the full size just to try them out. I tried looking for starter kits or travel/trial sizes, but they are all much bigger than I'd like and I actually prefer them in miniatures like these ^.^ So this Travel Kit sold at the hotel was exactly what I've been looking for, and no doubt I'll have good use for them in the up coming months!

Left: Makeup Cleansing Gel N, 8g x 1 tube, retail value 150yen (2,625yen/140g)
Right: Cleansing Foam N Type II Moisturizing, 8g x 1 tube, retail value 127yen (2,310yen/145g) 

Left: Lifting Moisture Lotion Type II Moisturizing, 8mL x 1 bottle, retail value 148yen (3,150/170mL) 
Right: Lifting Moisture Emulsion Type II Moisturizing, 8mL x 1 bottle, retail value 226yen (3,675/130mL)

Anyway, I haven't used any of these stuff yet. Just want to post pictures of it ^.^ It was actually hubby who went down to the lobby to buy it for me, and when he did, the girl at the front desk gave him a funny look and said in a really sheepish voice, "This is for women...?" Hubby's response? "I know. I want to buy one anyway." LOL!!! A misleading answer for a silly question, fair and square xD  

Elixir Superieur product guide.
***Picture from Shiseido Elixir Superieur JP.

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