Monday, August 6, 2012

Maharaja (Indian Cuisine)

Went to a Maharaja Indian restaurant at Shin Yokohama Station recently and had a good meal there. Although the name Maharaja greatly confuses me - how many freakin' Indian restaurants out there with this same exact name? I've always thought they are a chain, but then a google search yielded a bunch of different Maharaja restaurant websites and it didn't look like they are affiliated with each other. Did I miss something? I thought businesses within the US cannot have the same name, but it seems every US state has at least one Maharaja restaurant that isn't affiliated to the next state's O.o

Anyway, so it seems there are Maharaja restaurants here in Japan too, although the one I went to indeed belongs to a Maharaja Group chain that also owns Khazana, another Indian restaurant hubby and I frequent. See the chain's official website (in English and Japanese).

Tikka platter with 2 pieces of chicken and 2 giant shrimps. We actually started eating before I remember to take a picture, which is the reason the shrimps are, umm, absent ^.^ Oops.

Anyway, hubby and I got the course meal for two, which includes 2 house salads (not pictured), a tikka platter for 2, vegetable samosas for 2, 2 curries of our choice, garlic naan, rice, and mango mousse dessert for 2 (not pictured). The rice wasn't saffron rice but hubby prefers plain white rice anyway. I don't really care either way. Rice is just rice for me. The 2 curries came out in small bowls and I'm not sure if that's actually the dinner portion or a smaller portion served with the course. We were stuff by the end of the meal so despite the small portions, there was still a lot of food.

Vegetable samosas for 2 on the left, and 2 curries, garlic naan, and rice on the right.

Our iced chais were delicious! They were separate though and were not included in the course. I'd totally go there again if we were to pass by Shin Yokohama ^.^

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