Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nagoya City Science Museum, Nagoya, Aichi

Hubby loves astronomy so he was looking forward to visiting the Nagoya City Science Museum for its world largest solar-powered planetarium. However, the Sunday we went was also the first weekend of summer break for Japanese school children (their school year starts April 1 and they only get about 6 weeks of summer vacation at most), and needless to say tickets to the planetarium were sold out early on in the morning. 

Trains on display outside of the museum.

So we settled for the museum instead. Surprisingly, we enjoyed the 6 floors of various disciplines of science on display, even if they mostly cater to children. Too bad we wasted the majority of our day at a different, much more boring museum which I won't name because I'm sure someone will get offended :P By the time we got to the Science Museum, we only had 1 hour left and had to rush through the whole thing, which was really too bad.

The solar-powered planetarium.

The museum's Wikipedia page is disappointingly brief, but thankfully their official website is much more thorough and is available in English! If you're ever in Nagoya and you like museums, I recommend going here first. With 6 floors to wander around and explore, it won't be a quick glance so be prepared to spend at least half a day here. It won't bore you like some other museums do, I promise ^.^

A test rocket on permanent display.

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