Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dr.Ci:Labo Gold Lift and Super Moisture Sample Sets

While surfing around on Dr.Ci:Labo's official website, an ad for a Gold Lift Sample Set popped up onto my screen. In addition to the gel and the bb cream I already have from the Gold Lift Trial Set, this sample set had 2 other products in the Enrich-Lift range, all free with free shipping. Ooohh...interesting. So I followed the link and what do you know, there was not one but two different sample sets they were giving away, the second being the Super Moisture Sample Set with samples of 5 different products in the Super Moisture range. You bet I'd try them!!!

This ad popped up at me. The huge green button says, "Try it now, free of charge!" OKAY!!! They don't need to tell me twice :P

Since I was already registered with the website, all I had to do was click one button and that was that. I just checked the website again and these 2 free sample sets, and the Gold Lift Trial Set too, both with free shipping are still available, one each per household. So if you have a current Japanese address, quick, go get yours before they run out!!! ^.^

Gold Lift Sample Set

Super Moisture Sample Set
***Pictures from Dr.Ci:Labo JP.

A few days later, the 2 sample sets arrived, again in factory sealed boxes but no outer packaging. Felt like I struck gold or something. Seriously, what did I ever do to deserve these lovely freebies that just showed up at my door? Lucky!!! xD Did I tell you Japan has been so good to me and hubby in these past two years? Yup, she has been, right up to the very last minute. *sniff* I don't want to leave her T.T *sob*

Gold Lift (top) and Super Moisture (bottom) Sample Sets

Gold Lift (left) and Super Moisture (right) Sample Sets

Gold Lift (left) and Super Moisture (right) Sample Sets

The Gold Lift Sample Set has a calculated retail value of 1,349yen (~US$17).

Left: Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift-EX, 10g x 1 jar, retail value 726yen (8,715yen/120g)
Right: Enrich-Lift Cleansing & Massage, 3g x 2 packets, retail value 189yen (3,465yen/110g)

Left: Aqua-in-Derm Super-Essence, 1.5mL x 2 packets, retail value 308yen (10,290yen/100mL)
Right: BB Perfect Cream Enrich-Lift SPF35 PA++, 0.5g x 2 packets, retail value 126yen (3,780yen/30g)

The Super Moisture Sample Set has a calculated retail value of 1,544yen (~US$19).

Left: Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Moisture, 10g x 1 jar, retail value 798yen (3,990yen/50g)
- Super Cleansing EX, 3g x 2 packets, retail value 149yen (2,992yen/120g)
- Super Washing Foam EX, 3g x 2 packets, retail value 167yen (2,782yen/100g)

Left: Aqua-in-Derm Super-Essence 2 x 1.5mL packets, retail value 308yen (10,290yen/100mL)
Right: BB Perfect Cream Natural SPF35 PA++, 2 x 0.5g packets, retail value 122yen (3,675yen/30g)


kuri said...

Thanks! I just applied for all of the sets :)

D. said...

NICE!!!!! tell me if you like them, I still haven't tried any of mine yet, still umm... unpacking after the big move ^.^'


kuri said...

heh, I haven't moved but I still have yet to use up all of my samples :P at home. I only applied for these because they're free!

D. said...

of course you should always apply for them because they're free and you're living in Japan ^.^ That's the whole point xD


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