Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mini September 2012

Mini September 2012 issue comes with a MilkFed x Peanuts tote and zipper pouch set. I have to admit this was an impulse buy. I saw this online and it looks meh, but Snoopy tricked me anyway.

As expected, the tote and pouch set is meh. The tote measures 19(height) x 19.5(length) x 9(width) cm, the pouch 11(height) x 14.5(length) cm. Both are made of cotton canvas fabric so thin they feel like clothing material instead of something slightly thicker and more suitable for, say, a tote bag.

It's too bad that the materials are so flimsy, because otherwise the craftsmanship is impeccable. The tote handles even have double reinforced stitchings and all inner seams are covered even though there are no linings or pockets. 

Same with the pouch. Notice how the top two corners are sewn tucked in, so they don't poke out and leave a hole at one end where the zipper cannot close all the way.

The rest of the magazine is meh too, unfortunately. If anything, I found some of the styling down right questionable and just...wacky. Granted, this magazine aims at a younger readership in college, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it. This is not my first Mini issue.

Black and white coordinates.

Here's the wacky styling I mentioned - right page, left most column. Really? T-shirt tucked into rolled up sweatpants pulled all the way up the waist, topped with a jacket? Who are they trying to emulate, Steve Urkel? Sorry, but even that cute as a button model looks...geeky in that outfit. Then again, what do I know? May be geeky trends are in.
***Picture from FashionStaple.

A mini article on Sato Takeru, who is starring as the titular swordsman wonder Kenshin in the live action movie Rurouni Kenshin, due out in the theater very soon, August 25 in fact! I've seen the long trailer for the movie, and it looks all shades of fantastic (while you're at it, check out the English subbed trailer 1 and trailer 2 too!). Too bad I'd be out of Japan by August 25 and won't be able to catch in the theaters. Boo. Hiss T.T

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