Monday, August 13, 2012

More August 2012

Finally picked up a couple of magazines since the last May issue of Liniere. This issue of More August 2012 comes with a Ray Beams x Peanuts mini tote, and Snoopy has a sneaky way of tricking me ^.^

The tote measures 16(height) x 26(length) x 10(width) cm and is made out of super thick heavy duty cotton canvas. This is quite rare since canvas totes in Japan are usually on the thinner and flimsy side whereas this one is way thicker than the heavy duty cotton canvas totes at home even!

There are pictures on both the front and back. Just the brand Ray Beam printed but still pretty cute.

The tote has zipper closer. There are no pockets but the interior is lined with pink polyester with all inner seams covered. The handles aren't sewn all the way down the height of the bag, but they feel pretty secure. Craftsmanship is impeccable.

The magazine has nice contents too. The next several pages are on updated summer coordinates, wherein they take a piece of clothing and style it different ways. I like articles like these the most, since I enjoy learning new ways to wear certain things, especially since I have a lot of these items and not always know how to make the best of them. 

A airy knit summer sweater on the left and a chiffon blouse on the right.

Airy and drapey jacket and cardigan in a lighter color at left, and printed shirts and and pleated culottes at right.

I am loosely rephrasing this as best summer coordinates :P

Celebrity styles.

"Cool biz" is the Japanese term for business casual, as in it's so freakin' hot here during the summer that it's plain cruel and unusual treatment to expect people to come to work fully decked out in suits. Granted, it doesn't stop a lot of people from getting all decked out still though (see those 3 guys who are ogling the model on the right page?), but that's just the crazy Japanese spirit of "enduring." At least on the surface they're trying to to be reasonable. The next several pages are dedicated to "cool biz" styles that will make you 5C cooler. Yeah, riiiiiight.  

See those guys are still in button ups and ties?

Styling techniques that will help you look 3kg thinner every day.

I like the summer issues more because they all dedicate a small section to yukatas ^.^ Here's one with long time Kat-tun member Kamenashi Kazuya.

Fluttery summer tops.

The freebie tote.

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