Wednesday, April 8, 2015

SkinFood Apple Can Multi Blusher

These SkinFood Apple Can Multi Blusher have been out a long time ago, like 5 years ago or even earlier. I've had mine since 2013 but they were stashed away in moving boxes and I'm now just opening them :( There are 4 colors available: 1 Apple Pink, 2 Apple Orange, 3 Apple Lavender, and 4 Apple Rose Gold.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

These are adorable ^.^ They come in apple-shaped tins with a mirror under the lid and a fuzzy puff, although I don't use my puff at all. I do wish the tin was smaller and thinner, because I think the only reason why it's so big and bulky is to accommodate the puff. The good thing is that the tin snaps to a tight and secure close. I do wish it wasn't a pumpkin orange - have you seen an orange apple? No? Me neither! It would have been cuter instead of dingy-looking if the tin was not orange. 

The pressed powder blush is scented with a flowery and feminine fragrance. Frankly, I'm not too fond of the scent because it actually stays on my skin way longer than it should. Unlike most scented powders wherein the fragrance dissipates quickly, even if I were to smear a tiny little bit of this apple blush on the back of my hand and then wipe it off completely, I can still smell it pretty well. So in addition to the funky orange tin, the stubborn perfume puts me off of these blushes. 

The blush itself is smooth though could be softer. And as you can see from the swatch photos below, they're all very sheer. I don't mind the sheerness - I like my makeup on the sheer side, but for the guys and gals out there looking for colors this blush will sorely disappoints. Oh well, at least these are cheap. I paid $7 each, may be? ^.^

1 Apple Pink: a combination of powder pink, coral pink, and petal pink. When blended, it turns pinkier and less coral on me.

2 Apple Orange: a combination of peachy beige, peachy orange, and peach. Definitely peach on me.

1 Apple Pink (left column) and 2 Apple Orange (right column).

3 Apple Lavender: a combination of lavender-tinted white, lavender, and pastel purple. You know what, I still haven't figured this color out ^.^" It's an odd color for a blush, yet at the same time the lavender shows up too well for a highlighter.  

4 Apple Rose Gold: a combination of golden beige, peachy coral, and muted rose pink. This is a very warm blush and all the colors have a pretty pearly golden sheen to them. The resulting blended color makes me think this is a cheap NARS Orgasm knock-off, because it's much sheerer and less red. But it's still a very pretty blush and is my favorite out of all 4. If you want to try only one of these apple blusher, try this color! 

3 Apple Lavender (left column) and 4 Apple Rose Gold (right column).

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