Friday, April 17, 2015

Stila Eye Shadow

I think I've had these Stila Eye Shadow singles since 2013 but never got around to review them. You see, this is because Stila eye shadows are wet/dry shadows, and as much as I love that versatility, swatching them is just...too much work =.= So I've been putting them off, and the next thing I know it's been two years. Ha.

Anyways, so here they are, finally! I bought only 3 colors even though there are, like, a gazillions colors (okay, fine, there are *only* 29 currently available): 14K, Prize, and Sparkle, though for some reason I photographed them in reverse...

From left to right: Sparkle, Prize, and 14K. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

There was a sale at the time, I think, and in the same order I also bought several other things, these 4-pans and 8-pans compacts, 4 Jewel Eye Shadows to fill the 4-pan compact (and unfortunately these sparklies were a let-down), as well as 5 other Eye Shadow Trios that I'll review next. These 3 singles and the 5 trios filled the 8-pan compact. 

I love these 3 Eye Shadow singles! They're silky smooth, not quite buttery but still super soft. As you can see from the swatches below, they have great pigmentation dry or wet. And lucky me, all 3 colors happen to be metallic. I was looking for colors I can wear alone with just eye liners and these are exactly what I had hoped for, if not more. Lasting power is very decent, a few hours without primer and a solid 5+ hours with primer. Awesome! 

- 14K: metallic, medium intensity. A metallic golden canary yellow that gains semi translucency when used wet. Unlike some wet/dry shadows that becomes intensely metallic when used wet, this color is only slightly more metallic, but either way it's freakin' gorgeous so I'm not complaining!

- Prize: metallic, medium intensity. A metallic beige gold that becomes translucent when used wet, in addition to reflecting a lot more gold when seen from an angle. Like the 14K above, the wet version is only slightly more metallic than the dry version, but either way it's another love!

- Sparkle: metallic, medium intensity. An antique gold that's semi translucent when used dry and becomes more opaque when used wet. The name is also misleading - there's really no sparkles when used dry, and only when used wet will the high wattage white sparkles reveal themselves. Also, when used wet it gives off an intense gold sheen when seen from angle. So so so beautiful!

From left to right: 14K, Prize, and Sparkle. Top row dry, bottom row wet.

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