Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Suisse Programme Cellular Cleansing Milk

After having finished Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser, I moved on the 200mL/6.76fl oz. bottle of Suisse Programme Cellular Cleansing Milk. I bought this back in the summer of 2013 along with the Cellular Revitalizing Toner, and after having tortured myself every morning wiping my face with aunty perfume, I dragged my feet and didn't really want to use this Cleansing Milk.

When I finally got to it, I was sorely disappointed to learn I am correct - this Cleansing Milk is so so so heavily perfumed I might as well wash my face with perfume. Yuck. And it's not a nice perfume either :( After just a couple of use, I grew so disgusted with the suffocating stink scent the bottle's been sitting untouched in the corner of my shower since.

Other than the hammer-on-the-head perfume, the cleansing milk is meh. It's runnier than your average milk, doesn't foam, and rinses decently well without leaving too much of a film behind. And despite being a cleansing milk it's not great for my dry skin - it stings a little around my nose and mouth area, a red flag for high alcohol content. So yeah, I hate this stuff so much I'm considering dumping it out. I can't believe it goes for $64 on Sasa - I definitely didn't, and would never, pay that price! O.o

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