Friday, January 15, 2016

Suqqu 2016 Spring Color Collection Swatches

Was at the Ginza Mitsukoshi this past Thursday night and the Suqqu 2016 Spring Color Collection was finally out on display (they weren't last weekend when I was there!), so I swatched all 4 of the eye shadows ^.^ 

 ***Screencaps from Suqqu JP.

Here are Blend Color Eyeshadow 22 輝杏蕾 (Kikyoutsubomi, top row) and EX-28 金紗砂 (Kinshasuna, bottom row). Texture is buttery soft, and pigmentation is excellent! On one hand, I'm so so happy that the quint with split-pan is coming back. On the other than, I really wish they would put the base/highlighters and lid colors into the split-pans instead of the two darkest shades in the quint. 

All photos taken in indoor lighting without flash. Click to zoom.

22 輝杏蕾 (Kikyoutsubomi): I'm totally sold on this one ^.^ All the colors show pretty well, at least on my skin. The bottom right pan that looks like a white turns out to be a golden pearl with hints of pink, so not a waste either.

- EX-28 金紗砂 (Kinshasuna): I love love love that gorgeous purple in the split-pan and if they'd ever make this color in a shadow single, I'd buy it in a heartbeat, plus a backup! At the same time, I'm not too thrilled with that pale pink on the lower right at all. It goes on me pretty much a chalky white :( I'll probably going to shell out for the split pan still because that's just how much I love that purple, but I'll be pretty resentful paying so much for so little.

Here are Eye Color Palettes EX-05 澄茶墨 (Sumichazumi, top row) and EX-06 花瑞樹 (Hanamizuki, bottom row). 

- EX-05 澄茶墨 (Sumichazumi): I'm going to be brutally honest here--this trio is yawn inducing. Just my humble opinion and there'll be fierce dissent, probably. But deep bitter chocolate brown, taupe, and gold, where haven't I seen this combo before? And there wasn't anything special about the finish either, not that I saw.

- EX-06 花瑞樹 (Hanamizuki): Sold, sold, and sold. There's more than meet the eyes with that bottom pan: a mesmerizing taupe brown with pink and violet shimmers. Like, whoah, was my reaction when I swatched it. The middle pan isn't a straight up pink either, as in it leans coral depending on the angle. In the photo below, I tilted the back of my hand outwards away from myself, and it appears coral there but is otherwise a neutral pink when looked at directly. The complexity in this trio makes me wonder what happened to EX-05 there, because clearly Suqqu is capable of breaking my piggie bank with exciting things.


Citrine said...

I was hoping that you call those quad/quint/trio sheer I can skip those and head for older lunasol releases and other brand (thinking about three 4D in star guitar). I might still skip them and just get hanamizuki...

D. said...

To be honest, I was hoping the same LOL! When I first saw the promo pictures, I thought for sure they'd be duds. And then I swatched them and they slayed me, especially that trio EX-06 Hanamizuki.

There goes my budget this month :X


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