Saturday, July 24, 2021

Mama Butter Lip Treatment

I did tell you that after trying Mama Butter Cleansing Milk, I immediately went back for more, right? Yep, thanks to Amazon JP, the goodies got here within a week(!) and so happy to have gotten my hands on several of the Mama Butter x Disney LE packaging with yuzu scent. The first one I tore into was this 8g tube of Lip Treatment Yuzu, with Minnie Mouse on the tube. How cute is that?

Omg the yuzu scent is amazing! The lip balm smells like it has fresh squeeze yuzu in it and several times I was quite tempted to lick it ^.^" Unfortunately though, the scent is all this lip treatment has going for it. It's not horrible, pretty decent actually, but with real defects.

First, it's a bit too thin for my liking. And being thin, it wears off pretty quickly, within the hour. Second, while the formula feels nice on my lips, there's something about the formulation that causes it to clump up inside the tube. Every other time I open up the cap to apply some, I couldn't squeeze any out because there's a clump that plugs up the tube's opening. If I were to squeeze harder, eventually I'd be able to squeeze the clump out--along with a bunch of the product as well. Pretty annoying. I ended up saving the excess balm that I squeezed out into a tiny jar as to not waste them, but I'm pretty irritated that I'm almost through with the tube itself because half of it is actually in a jar. Urgh. Will not repurchase.

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