Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Lunasol Seamless Matte Lips

Lunasol introduced these new Seamless Matte Lips in the spring of 2020. They were part of the sheer mattes trend and the promotional photos intrigued me enough to pick up several to try: 01 Opulent Red, 03 Fresh Raspberry, 04 Mandarin Delight, 05 Wondering Berry, and EX01 Darling Violet.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Let's talk about the tubes: they're shiny gold, shorter, and chunkier. I don't like this change, but fine, I didn't buy these lippies for their tubes. They're more expensive than the discontinued Lunasol lippies too (Full Glamour Lips, Airy Glow Lips, etc.) at 4,180yen a piece, versus the 3,000yen plus tax before. 
The formula is amazing, as expected of Lunasol. Unscented, somewhat thick, and is more on the balmy side than buttery or jelly. Goes on super smooth, and is very moisturizing. Feels like wearing a high-end lip balm. Even leaves a sheen like a balm. So they're sheer, yes (hooray!), but matte they're not. Not at all. There are the two colors with shimmers even (03 Fresh Raspberry and EX01 Darling Violet) and these leaves a glossier sheen than the other non-shimmer colors. 
Color wise, they're hit and miss for me, also as expected of Lunasol. Ha. I love the formula and I had my eyes on another color--10 Brick, so I'll probably go back for just that but let's hope they'll release better colors in the future. The current color lineup is a bit lacking imho. 

- 01 Opulent Red: shimmer-free, blue-based reddish pink, both on the back of my hand as well as on my lips, so not really red. The pink is pretty apparent in the angled swatch photo below. 

- 03 Fresh Raspberry: erhhh where are they getting these names? This is not a raspberry at all but is rather a red-coral with gold shimmers.

- 04 Mandarin Delight: looks pretty juicy orange in the photos due to the natural light's yellow wash but it's really apricot in the tube and is apricot on me. Whatever. I'm just glad it didn't turn pumpkin orange. Actually, this layers nicely over 01 Opulent Red above for a gorgeous yellow base red.

- 05 Wondering Berry: I had high hopes for this one because the bullet looked a dark berry and all the promo photos showed dark berry. Nope. It applied a meh-berry and with way more violet than expected. Even weirder was that it just looked off on me. I can and do wear most berries, light or dark, and I have an arsenal of berry lippies to prove it. But not this one. No matter what I did, applying light-handed, applying heavy-handed, it just didn't look good. So I passed it on to mum-in-law who loves pinks, mauves, and berries, and it was a hit with her. Glad it found a loving home in the end.

- EX01 Darling Violet: hmm, the name was only half correct here. The bullet looked totally raspberry in the tube and it applied raspberry as well. However, there were violet shimmers that gave it a violet sheen. It was this sheen that I disagreed with as it pulled the color a bit too cool for my skin tone. I pass this one on as well and mum-in-law loved it.

From left to right: 01 Opulent Red, 03 Fresh Raspberry, 04 Mandarin Delight, 05 Wondering Berry, and EX01 Darling Violet.


Julia said...

Blind buying lipsticks can be so frustrating. Even swatches don't always help because they can look so different on the lips. *cough* Opera *cough*
I hope you'll find more colors you like soon!

D. said...

Hey Julia,

Yeah. Buying lippies online has been a frustrating experience. That said, I usually can wear most colors from Suqqu and several other brands. Lunasol and Maquillage though... Urgh. Totally hit and miss.

How are you?


Julia said...

I sometimes even have fails with lipsticks I buy in person, because they look so different on my lips. ^^;

I'm good, I guess? Might finally be able to travel to Germany next month, after not seeing my family since before covid, and while my novel isn't really getting any more words these days, I have had enough creativity to write a long-ish fanfic, which I guess is progress?
How about you?

D. said...

Wow! I envy you for having the creativity to write. I burned out a bit back in March and have been taking a break from writing since. I hope to get back on the writing train soon.

What do you write fan fic for? I think you told me once a few years ago... ^.^"


Julia said...

At least you were writing until March! I wrote maybe 5.000 words since the start of the pandemic, and this fanfic (which is at 3.500 ish words right now) is the first coherent thing I have written in years. It still needs an ending and some editing, because I wrote most of it over one single weekend. I wish I could figure out what made the creative juices flow...

I used to write Pokémon fanfic, in German, but this is for a completely different show that I used to watch as a teen. XD

Which reminds me, now that things are more settled, I want to read more of your story!

D. said...

Hi Julia,

Oh right! Wish I know some German!!! There was a completely different Pokemon show? As in Pokemon the very first season?


Julia said...

Ha, don't bother learning German unless you really want to read bad fanfiction lol

A completely different show as in not Pokémon, sorry! And I'm writing it in English this time, but I doubt you're interested. I'll get back to working on my novel after this, or maybe after my trip home.

Want anything from Germany?

D. said...

Hey Julia!

Yay! Can't wait to see your novel!

Oh...if not Pokemon, which show?

You're so sweet, but I'm buried in goodies right now. Next time :) Enjoy your trip home!


Julia said...

I'll have to write another 50.000 words first, lol!
How about yours?

It's pretty embarassing, but I used to love Zoey 101 as a teen, and there have been some talking about a revival, and I was bored, so I started watching again and found some things that bothered me, so I'm writing a one-shot trying to explain some things. (I have juvenile tastes in entertainment, but a lot of the adult stuff is so dark...)

No idea when the next time weill be (hopefully Christmas!), but thank you! Let me know if you change your mind. :)

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