Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hadabisei Under Eye Gel Masks

So I finally got to trying these nifty looking Hadabisei Under Eye Gel Masks! I held out for the longest time because they were a bit expensive for my taste, $16 for 4 pairs. But then recently I found them on Ebay for only around $8 (half price!) so I nabbed, like, 3 boxes :D

***Picture from Hadabisei Japan.

I was taken aback by their texture at first, but I guess when they say gel masks, they really mean gel masks! These felt like thin sheets of jello with tiny little holes! Because they are thin and so gel like, they adhere easily to the skin and to themselves, and I fumbled around quite a bit with them before I got them exactly where I want them to stay. Once they were on though, they stay put. No sliping or sliding around like the paper sheet masks! Also, I had refrigerated them before hand, so they went on cool and refreshing. I imagine these would be totally awesome on a hot and humid day, so here's my excuse to go back to the same Ebay vendor to buy more :D

Just like the Hadabisei Moisturizing Masks with Collagen, these Under Eye Gel Masks did not disappoint. Actually, they are rather impressive! I LOVE them! It was really neat to watch how these gel sheets work. While applying them, I was doubting whether such thin gel sheets would adequately moisturize my dry under eye areas. Little did I know that there were TONS of liquid packed in them! I guess that was why these sheets had tiny little holes. I squeezed the rest of the liquid essence left over from the packaging onto the sheets, and the drops just disappeared into them! A few minutes into the application, I felt the essence running down my cheeks because the gel sheets were just so saturated!

My under eye areas felt sooooooo nice and comfortable afterwards. After massaging in the left over essence into my skin and let it dry, there was no stickiness, no heaviness, and my skin just felt soft and supple and cool to the touch (probably the after effect of the gel sheets having been chilled). The next morning, my eyes were awake and fresh even though I was exhausted and could have dropped any moment. I'm so getting more of these!

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