Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Body Shop Wild Cherry Body Butter and Shower Gel

I got this Body Shop Wild Cherry Body Bliss Gift Set at the same sale where I got the Pink Grapefruit Goodness Gift Set. This Wild Cherry Body Bliss Gift Set comes with (taken from The Body Shop USA website):
- 2.0 fl oz Wild Cherry Shower Gel
- 3.5 oz Wild Cherry Soap
- 1.7 oz Wild Cherry Body Butter
- 1.7 oz Wild Cherry Body Scrub
- Red Bath Lily
- Card box with decorative paper panel, PET window and elastic with coconut button closure

***Picture from The Body Shop USA.

I actually don't have a picture of this gift set because I gave everything away and kept only the Shower Gel and Body Butter, both of which I'm going to review.

- Wild Cherry Body Butter: Woh, this scent was very sweet and fruity, a bit too sweet and fruity actually! Unfortunately, this Body Butter was just as I remembered when I tried it at the store - it was a bit greasy and therefore not exactly for use during the summer. I tried it several times, but no matter how small the amount I used, my hands still felt greasy. The texture is more like thick cold cream.

I guess I'm saving this body butter for the winter. My hands can get so terribly dry and cracked during the winter that I'd rather have them feel a bit greasy than rough like sandpaper.

- Wild Cherry Shower Gel: I'm using this right now I must say I like this shower gel much better than the body butter! The scent is still waaaay too strong (hubby says it smells like an artificially flavored cherry drink), so I probably will not repurchase, but the shower gel itself is surprisingly mild and moisturizing! It doesn't lather much, and the lather it creates is wispy and washes away quickly so if you're a fan of a thick lather, it will disappoint. But I like the fact that my skin feels clean but soft afterwards. And no itchy arms and legs! Phew!

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