Sunday, September 12, 2010

Allie Body UV Mist SPF26 PA+

I haven't bought the full size yet but so far have gone through 2 (or was it 3) of these mini Allie Body UV Mist SPF26 PA+ already.

I bought it in a set along with the newly updated Precious Barrier Protector WaterTouch N (review overdue, I know, sorry!) and kept buying this set since the mini bottle was cute and small and much more convenient to lug around than the full size bottle, which is a bit more plump :)

This Body UV Mist is just ho-hum, in my humble opinion. It's supposed to offer light protection, but didn't do anything for me. I put on a ton my neck and chest, arms and shoulders every day before going out (which is why I've gone through a few bottles already), and after 2-3 weeks of use I didn't get burned but have noticed some tanning. Though I must admit that the super runny, almost watery, skim milk-like texture is very nice. No matter how much I sprayed on, with some rubbing it dries completely and disappears from my consciousness just minutes after application. It really didn't feel like I put on anything at all!

Funny that this didn't work as well for me as the Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel did even though both are not photostable. I should mention that I used the Skin Aqua when I was still in the states where it was significantly dryer. May be the humidity here melt the Allie stuff off of me along with all the sweating? Hmm...perhaps I should save this for use during the winter and try using the Skin Aqua again now and see how that one fares in this wet weather...

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