Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel SPF27 PA++

On her visit my sister brought me this Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel SPF27 PA++. Okay fine, I sent her a picture of it, and she was so sweet to indulge me :) More like she totally spoiled me rotten, and I'm the big sister LOL

This Skin Aqua line is relatively new, introduced in spring 2008 (the other older line is Sun Play). But up until now, I was still trying out different sunscreens out there, starting with Sofina Perfect UV, then Allie Comfortable Sunscreen EX (both Perfect and WaterTouch). So I guess I'm totally ready to try something new.

See the list of ingredients translated from Japanese.

I like this sunscreen a lot, but I only use it for my neck and chest area even though the packaging says it is for both facial and body use. It is unscented, which is great, but the alcohol content is a bit much for my taste - I can smell it the instant I pump out some into the palm of my hands! But then again, toners are fancy cosmetic-grade alcohol too with some other things thrown in, right? While I'm not above using products with alcohol (I do use toners sometimes and the sunscreen I wear every day has alcohol in it!) and my skin is not particularly sensitive to alcohol, this sunscreen with its puny SPF27 PA++ is not enough to warrant even more alcohol to dry out my already skin. And plus when I tried applying a little bit on the back of my hand, it didn't feel like it would be moisturizing enough for my face anyway.

For my neck and chest though, it is a good daily use sunscreen. It gets so humid here that anything else will turn into a sticky and sweaty mess in an hour or so. Neutrogena was a total disaster. Clarins had zero substantivity. Lancome was okay for dry weather but couldn't deal with humidity. California Baby and Badger were both impossible to rub in. The European ones had excellent protection but again, turned icky with humidity. Anything Japanese that was waterproof required an oil cleanser to remove, and I really didn't feel like slathering cleansing oil all my neck and chest too in addition to my face.

I still don't, which is why this Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel is so great for daily use on the body. Mind you, I'm NOT recommending this stuff for swimming or other outdoor activities that requires prolonged sun exposure or contact with water under sun exposure. I normally stay out of the sun or make effort to cover up anyway, but in the occasion when my shirt is cut a bit low, etc., at least this gel provide some protection for those errand runs, shopping or even a short walk through the park. Other benefits include the fact that it doesn't need an oil cleanser for thorough removal but at the same time, substantive enough to withstand the heat, the wetness, and all the sweating that comes with the former two. The texture is a super light skim milk-like gel that absorbs instantly and is cooling to the touch.

It is also worth mentioning that while visiting my parents, with no other sunscreens handy at the time I used this Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel prior to an impromptu paddling activity in a lake. Remember this backyard?

Yep, we were having lunch at my in-laws when someone suggested we all should go paddling in that beautiful lake. And we did. My mum, my sister, my sister's best friend who was there with us, and I all used this sunscreen on our necks, arms, and legs, wherever we were exposed to the bright sun. After a whole hour spent up in mile high elevation with little atmosphere to block the UV rays, under the clear blue sky with not even a cloud to shade the sun light, none of us were burned or even tanned (I was wearing a tank top and had no tan lines!). Hubby, on the other hand, was having too much fun to stop and put some sunscreen on and boy, he had lobster arms and neck for the next few days. Poor thing *chuckles*


Julia said...

I was considering buying this due to your favorable review, but the link you provided to the ingredients says it's not photostable!
Do you not agree with that, or do you just not care? ^^;

D. said...

Hi Julia,

Well, unfortunately it is true this sunscreen is not photostable. That said, in my experience this sunscreen has been ok for daily use or quick errand trips so far, and I've been using it since 2009 when it came out. Because it is not photostable though, I wouldn't recommend it for prolonged sun exposure (sports) or swimming. When I do go to the beach, I use Allie liberally on my body.

When I'm done with my bottle of this gel, I think I going to give this Mentholatum SunPlay Super Block a try. It was recently recommended by the same website - http://ratzillacosme.com/2011/07/04/summer-2011-top-5-sunscreen-picks/

Perhaps you might want to give this sunscreen a try too instead of this photo-unstable gel, especially since you haven't bought the gel, and the Super Block can be found for super cheap!


D. said...

Hey Julia, I went to the drug store today to check out the SunPlay Super Block and scored it for 378yen! You should definitely check it out!


Julia said...

Thanks a lot for your answers!
The thing is, if I still lived in Japan, I'd browse the drugstore every day and buy everything on offer to try it out. But I don't at the moment. ^^;

I just ordered Shiseido's Senka UV milk the other day and will use that as long as it's summer, together with the Skin Aqua Moisture Milk you recommended (which I suspect to give me breakouts, though - although Bioré does worse for me due to the huge amount of alcohol >.<) and get a lighter one once autumn comes.
I was thinking of using a gel with SPF 25-35, but still PA+++, for autumn/winter and am currently searching for candidates. The new Skin Aqua gel looks good, the one with SPF 32, but it seems to have quite some alcohol, and I don't need to further dry my skin out in the cold German winter. :/

Anyway, thank you again, and sorry for the long rant. ^^;

D. said...

Hi Juia,

My bad! I thought you are in japan...sorry... *sheepish*

But I found that Adam Beauty does carry the Rohto SunPlay Super Block if you still want to check it out - http://www.adambeauty.com/showitem.php?itemtype=detail&itemid=4987241112944&brandid=70&language=EN&agentid=7&productid=1&brandSubid=&groupid=1

Anyhow, I hope the Skin Aqua Moisture Milk will work out for you! Best of luck!


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