Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dove Beauty Moisture Creamy Face Wash

I wasn't really looking for a face wash since I brought a few with me from home (I know, silly me, right?), but of course I can only do so much in terms of self-restraint and bought this Dove Beauty Moisture Creamy Face Wash too :) It looked interesting :)

I am using this Dove cleanser in conjunction to the Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam - Peach Tea (in process of reviewing). In the beginning, I designated it a morning cleanser (use only every 2 mornings, by the way, after my Differin retinoid treatment the night before) and the Etude House an evening one (as a follow up cleanser after the oil cleanser). My rationale was that Dove is supposed to be a moisturizing wash, so it won't be too stripping in combination with my alcohol-loaded Allie sunscreen. Plus my day moisturizer is much lighter than my evening moisturizer anyway (a heavier one tend to interfere with my sunscreen application), so a milder cleanser would be best.

Well, I was wrong. The Dove cleanser turns out not as mild as the Etude House one and I had to exchange their roles. The Dove cleanser is a runny liquid but is dispensed a foam, though thinner and not as "creamy" as it name suggests. It is scented with a fragrance very similar to that of Softymo Airy Whip, only with a hint of leafy aloe. It cleanses well and leaves my skin squeaky clean, which is to say that if I use too much, my skin will feel a bit tight afterwards.

It's not a bad cleanser, but I won't buy it again, especially when there are so many other choices...

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