Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hana no Yu, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka

While hubby and I were in Shizuoka, my sister also took us to her local onsen, Hana no Yu, located in the city of Fujinomiya, on the southern side of Mount Fuji. As soon as we got off the train, we were greeted with this view of the mountain ^.^ And it was a cloudy day. Imagine a nicer clearer sky!

Of course I couldn't take pictures of the baths inside Hana no Yu (haha, as if!), but they have various hot spring baths inside that was totally fun to hop in and out of. The most notable ones were the Dead Sea Salt bath, which stung like crazy, especially if you have a scratch and cut on your skin, and you just float in it no matter how you try to hold yourself down, the CO2 bath, in which your skin would grow little bubbles everywhere, the sulfur bath, which makes you stink like rotten eggs but your skin will be super soft and smooth for the next week, and other fun herbal baths.

Of course, every large onsen facility also has a huge dining area where you can choose to sit at a dining table with chairs or on tatami mats with a lower table.

That's me getting super drowsy after several hot baths and a lovely lunch.

My sister, H. and K.

H. and K. had to leave before dinner time but my sister, me and hubby stayed for some more baths and then dinner. My sister and hubby shared Korean BBQ and I had sukiyaki. You'll have to excuse my unruly bath hair ^.^

We left at around 9 or so, and the front desk was nice enough to call a cab for us.

On the train home.

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