Friday, October 7, 2011

T'estimo Frame Impact Eyes Part II

More of the forgotten T'estimo Frame Impact Eyes *sniff* I actually have 3 of these palettes, and have only begun to use these late last year when I, umm, "re-discovered" them in my makeup mountain T.T But thank goodness both palettes work perfectly fine, even the cream liners still show up well and pigmented and didn't dry out at all! All the more reason to mourn T'estimo, yes, still, even now.

All pictures taken indoor with flash unless otherwise noted.

Palette 01 Green

01 Green: normally I shy away from green palettes because they make me look ill, but this one is an exception. And to be honest I'm not sure why, because the greens are warm with gold shimmers, especially the lighter green shade, and those usually just clash with me for some reason, even though my skin tone is warm.

From left to right:
- Highlighting shade: shimmer, medium intensity, a champagne shade that's actually quite pigmented. Thankfully it didn't turn frosty on me.
- Accent shade: shimmer, low intensity, a frosty mint green with gold shimmers.
- Crease shade: shimmer, medium intensity, a forest green that goes on darker than it appears in the pan, yet at the same time not as pigmented as it should be. I guess for a crease shade it's ok, but I usually use this shade to line my eyes too and in this case, it's not dark enough. Also, this shade has the least amount of shimmers. It's definitely not matte though.
- Cream liner: a beautiful deep olive green.

Picture taken in natural light without flash.

Palette 04 Brown

04 Brown: this palette should really be called Gold instead of brown, because it's

From left to right:
- Highlighting shade: metallic pearl, high intensity, an ivory with a gold iridescent sheen and is super pigmented. The first time I wore this I went ahead and highlighted my brow bones as well as the whole eye area, including the inner corners with this shade, having not tested it first. Big [unpleasant] surprise as I looked like I just crawled out of an oyster. Eeps. I was running late that day and didn't have time to redo my makeup so I showed up in class "shining"...
- Accent shade: shimmer, medium intensity, a cool but dulled gold, if that makes any sense. You would think it's a metallic gold, but it's not, kind of odd, but it looks nice on so I won't complain :P
- Crease shade: shimmer, medium intensity, a chocolate brown with quiet shimmers. This shade makes a decent liner, though it doesn't last and blends right in with the gold accent shade after a while.
- Cream liner: a deep dark chocolate brown.

See my previous T'estimo Frame Impact Eyes post.

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