Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel

Hubby and I stayed at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel on our recent home visit. No, home isn't Seattle, we were just in Seattle for 6 days and 5 nights for a wedding. And no, it wasn't my wedding either :P

Half of these pictures are from my aunt D. and her BFF, also name D. ^.^ 

Valet parking entrance.

Surrounded by many buildings.

Main lobby, one floor above the valet lobby.

Looking at The Georgian, the hotel's fancy pancy restaurant that our wedding party didn't bother with :P

The outdoor patio, not sure which floor this was on.

The gym on the 2nd floor looks out to this indoor swimming pool and a hot bubbly jacuzzi.

The roof. Apparently the hotel keeps their own bees here for honey, which then becomes an ingredient at the hotel restaurants and bar. We were told the head chef would give people a tour and show them the bees, but we didn't have time to go on that tour. It would have been cool though!

More views from the roof of the Fairmont Olympic Hotel.

Aunt D. snapped this spectacular reflection off of a building!

Mount Rainier from the roof of the Fairmont Olympic.

Close up of Mount Rainier.

Our new wonderful in-laws helped us made our room reservation using their company "perks." When we arrived, to our surprise the room turned out to be an awesome and super spacious corner room with a king bed and 3 huge windows that let in tons of natural light. Let's just say it was a very niiiiice stay. 

A window next to the bed.

Looking at the 2nd window from the entrance door.

Coat closet to the left of the entrance door...

...Which we promptly made use of having brought several sets of formal clothing for the wedding.

The bathroom was to the right of the entrance door. It was very nice and well lit and well cleaned every day. Supposedly if you hang your towels on the rack, they won't change it as part of the water conservation efforts. But our towels were changed every day regardless, which kind of annoyed me.

Even our pair of bathrobes were changed every day, even though I moved it just to get it out of the way. I didn't use mine because, well, I was swimming in it. But hubby's fit him perfectly and he loved it. 

View of the 3rd window at the other end of the room, standing by the bed.

View of the bed and bathroom near the entrance door, standing at the far end of the room where the 3rd window is.

Oh yes, and our room also had a huge LCD screen TV that you can turn to whichever direction you wish (we turned it towards the bed ^.^). Apparently Seattle has Chinese, Cantonese, Korean, and Japanese channels T.T *sniff* Want!!! (not the TV but the channels) May be I'll be able to convince hubby to move to Seattle somehow...

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