Thursday, October 20, 2011

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

These NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils can attest to my current obsession for eye and lip pencils. I have 12 of these right now and am still eyeing other colors ^.^

I think it's funny that I go through phases like this. I'm not so much all consuming with a particular product from a particular brand, but more like a type of product in a range of brands. In the late spring and throughout the summer I was going nuts for liquid/cream/gel eye colors, and now it's pencils ^.^ Do you go through phases like this too? What's your current obsession?

Milk and Cottage Cheese 

Horseradish and Baby Blue 

I've been using these NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils on and off and haven't gone through all the colors yet. The pros is that they are pigmented, apply very smoothly like a cream eye shadow and are blendable with a brush or just my fingers. The biggest downer is that they feel a just tad greasy, which made me think of Canmake Jewelstar Eyes and I started to suspect these NYX pencils may crease on me as well.

Slate and Pots & Pans

Lavender and Oyster

And what do you know, they do T.T As liners these NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil are great for both upper and lower lash lines. They stay put especially well and will not budge if I line them on top of powder eye shadows. However, if I dare to apply them all over my lids, they would crease like mad, I'm talking about within 15 minutes(!) even with my fail-proof oil controlling base that is the Allie sunscreen! I've tried to experiment and apply powder eye shadow on top instead of wearing these alone by themselves, but they still crease :( *sniff*

Strawberry Milk and Yogurt

Bronze and Iced Mocha

But then plenty other folks use them all over the upper lids without any problem, and they are nowhere as greasy as the Canmake Jewelstar Eyes, so I refuse to believe these Jumbo Eye Pencils are just not made for wearing all over my lids :P That's just how much I like them! So I'm going to try extending the liner method to all over the lid, as in applying them all over the lids on top of powder shadows to see if this will help keep them too ^.^ Wish me luck!

- Milk: a matte and opaque bleach white. People rave about how this pencil light up their entire eye areas when used as a highlighter for the inner corners, but personally I found this color too stark and harsh for my skin tone. So instead I use it as a highlight for my brow bones. I just swipe it once right under my brows and blend with my finger.

- Cottage Cheese: this color ought to be named pearl, because it is a beautiful white pearl that is the most perfect highlighter for inner corners of the eyes, at least for me. It's so easy to use too! Just swipe on starting in the inner corner of the lower lash to about 1/3 of the way, then use the ring finger to blend outward with one stroke. Done! I have tried to use this all over my upper lid as a base underneath my powder eye shadows, but it creased like crazy :( I will reverse the process and apply this all over the lid on top of my powder shadows instead ^.^

- Horseradish: a pearly pastel green. I haven't used this color yet, but it sure is pretty ^.^

- Baby Blue: a bright sky blue with very fine shimmers that isn't visible unless view under a direct source of light. So it goes on more opaque, though definitely not matte.

Milk, Cottage Cheese, Horseradish, and Baby Blue. All pictures taken indoor with flash.

- Slate: more like a shimmery charcoal that is possibly my most favorite eye liner color ever! On me it has a navy sheen to it that's just really pretty!

- Pots & Pans: a dark silver that is a dead ringer for Stila Kajal Eye Liner in Antique Silver, though when swatched it appears to have a hint of blue.

- Lavender: is only lavender in the stick ^.^ it's actually a mute pink with some violet sprinkled in. This one actually has a very interesting pearly satin finish.

- Oyster: is more lavender with a violet iridescent sheen. Also has an interesting pearly satin finish.

Slate, Pots & Pans, Lavender, and Oyster.

- Strawberry Milk: swatched a shimmery flushed petal pink but turns a more milky pink on me, so I guess its namesake is correct in this case :P I also tried wearing this one all over my lids, and it was really pretty and complimented my skin tone well too, but it ended up creasing like mad T.T

- Yogurt: not sure I understand this name, but this is a semi metallic blush color. It's actually quite pretty!

- Bronze: now this name is totally off and it's actually a fiery orange copper color and there's nothing bronze about it!

- Iced Mocha: a pretty beige brown that's sheerer than expected. I tried to line my eyes with it one day and well, it didn't quite show up as a liner ^.^ I mean, it barely showed up when swatched, and that's after a few layers!

Strawberry Milk, Yogurt, Bronze, and Iced Mocha.


kuri said...

oh how pretty!
I wonder if they'll work as liners for me too.

I have some smashbox jumbo liners and they just smudge even if I go over them with powder :(

D. said...

Hi Kuri!

I especially love the Slate pencil as a liner *over* my powder eye shadow. I find it wouldn't budge at all this way! But otherwise these all crease like crazy on me if I blend them all over my lids, even when I go over them with powder shadows.

So I'm going to try the same method as when I line my eyes with them, as in blending them all over my lids *on top* of powder shadows. These are so pretty, like you say, and I really want to use them!

Wish me luck!

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