Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stila Kajal Eye Liner

I've had these Stila Kajal Eye Liners for a while now too but haven't paid much attention to them. Until now, that is, and as it turns out, I really like these ^.^ I only have 2 with me right now in 21-Aquamarine and 20-Antique Silver, but have since gotten 4 more colors waiting for me at home in the US of A (Pearl, Amethyst, Sapphire, and Tiger's Eye). I really can't wait to get my hands on my new acquisitions!


20-Antique Silver 

I haven't used them that often yet, as in I haven't had to sharpen them yet, but they're excellent so far, gliding smoothy on my lids without any pulling and blended easily with my Sephora Smudge Brush! And damn they stay put, even when I lined my bare lids with them, which is super impressive since I have very oily lids that would crease even powder eye shadows without an oil controlling base that is my go to Allie sunscreen. I was just lounging at home one day and decided to test these Stila Kajal pencils (one color for each lid lol!) to see if they would crease since I wasn't wearing any sunscreen then. But wow, they really won me over and I'm so so happy I bought more colors! 

Over all, I really don't have any complaints with these. They do smell like crayons, but that's to be expect. Also, since I haven't had to sharpen them yet, I don't know whether they will crumble in the process or what (hate when that happens!). But I'm loving them so far!

- 21-Aquamarine: a smoky silvery mint green that luckily didn't clash with my warm skin tone ^.^ It looks pigmented in the swatch but seems to sheer out some on my lids, which makes it less of a liner and more of an accent color. I also noticed slight fading after my bare lid experiment one afternoon. Perhaps I should start using this on the outer half of my lower lash lines instead.

- 20-Antique Silver: a darker shade of silver with some slate when swatched but goes on me with more silver. Also, it's more opaque than Aquamarine and makes a beautiful silvery liner! This one is the one that really impressed me with how well it stayed on my bare and oily eyelid without any sunscreen. Throughout an entire afternoon, it didn't fade, bleed, or smudge and looked totally fresh as though it had just been applied! Wow!

21-Aquamarine and 20-Antique Silver, all pictures taken indoor with flash.


kuri said...

pretty! they swatch beautifully.

D. said...

Hi Kuri!

They go on beautifully too! Although for some reason the Antique Silver shows up much better than the Aquamarine on my lids ^.^


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