Monday, February 20, 2012

Ettusais Cheek Color

Speaking of Plaza, I was there a few weeks ago looking for the newest addition to the Kiss Kiss My Eyes Glamorize Shadow line, palette 06 Pink Beige PK-2. Well, it wasn't out yet, but let's just say my trip wasn't wasted because I saw these adorable Ettusais Cheek Color on display and came home with them instead ^.^

These are my very first Ettusais blushes. I've seen their others blushes, but they all look kind of blah and they cost a little more than what I'd be willing to pay for a blah blush, 1,680yen each, so I never look their way. That is, until these Cheek Colors came along. They are the same price, yes, also I do think their packaging is kind of bulky being in a jar-like container, but I just couldn't resist the adorable heart swirls that reminds me of the cappuccino foam art. So yeah, I splurged a little ^.^ Thank goodness there were only 2 colors available, Orange and Pink, because I probably wouldn't be able to justify buying more of these, not even to myself.

Ettusais Cheek Color in Orange and Pink. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.



Another thing that caught my attention was the "original puff" that comes with these blushes. It's a tiny sponge puff applicator that's hidden underneath the jar, and it's as cute as a button! No, really, it's just like a fluffy button. Adorable? Yes. Practical or useful? Not sure. I use my own brush either way, but I have to admit it's damn cute, and cute always gets me.

But ultimately what really sold me on these blushes is that they are so soft and silky. I like that those shimmery hearts are not overspray, and they go on with a soft satiny finish anyway. No gaudy sparkles here. That said, I do think their biggest downfall is that both colors are on the light side. They are decently pigmented, but nonetheless they are light colors, particularly that Pink, which I'm willing to bet won't be anything more than a highlighter for some gals out there. On me they are just right, not too much color, but not too little either.

- Orange: this one is warm, appears a coral with gold shimmers (the hearts) in pan but swatches more of a milky coral. It goes on me a really pretty coral wash that leaves my cheek glowing! Love it!

- Pink: this one appears a cooler pink with pinky silvery shimmers (the hearts) in pan but swatched a milky pink. It gives my cheek a wash of fresh girly pink.

Swatches for Orange and Pink.


Citrine said...

Oh, I like the orange one and the print (not the pattern but the textured print) actually looks like paul & joe blushes. Anyway, that huge under-compartment (with an applicator that most people won't uses) kind of throws me off, I though only American brands do that kind of stuff...

D. said...

Hi Citrine!

Oh really? I guess I never pay attention to the actual surface texture print!

Yeah, I think Japan is catching on to America's knack of wasting space. Check Coffret D'or's newest (hideously huge) cheek compact! There's a gigantic space right above the powder where you're supposed to store a mini _rounded_ (instead of flat) brush! I was considering getting a couple, until I saw their compact and it was about the size of a loose powder jar! Urgh.

Citrine said...

Oh, I was actually bidding on one a few weeks ago in eBay (then I was outbid and the final price was 10 dollars above adambeauty retail...) I like how it looks in the CM/on Hirako Risa (Who swears by paul & joe cheek color Moroccan orange, a shade I like very much)but if it looks like a loose powder case I guess that's a little ridiculous...

D. said...

Wow, $10 above Adam Beauty's retail? That's actually expensive! Those go for around 2,400yen over here which is not so bad. That's why I considered getting it because it's pretty, but I just couldn't stand the bulky case!

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