Thursday, February 16, 2012

Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Gloss Part II

Since my last post on Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Gloss in which I reviewed the color 953 Hi-Tech Plum, I've been chasing down a different color, 945 Salsa Sun. Along the way, I've stumbled onto a couple others in the same series, namely 943 Tangerine Tango and 944 Sangria Sunrise, and picked them up too since they all look orangey.

Top to bottom: 943 Tangerine Tango, 944 Sangria Sunrise, and 945 Salsa Sun. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

They arrived super duper fast, within the same week, even though I didn't ask or paid for express international shipping. Luck, I guess? Anyway, I was so excited to finally got my hands on them, as they look just like they do in pictures, all are orangey, just what I love xD 

- 943 Tangerine Tango: this color disappointed me a little. It swatched a nice tangerine orange, but goes on me completely sheer. Still, I carry it in my book bag because it's just one of those glosses that is sheer by itself but layers really well. In addition, I haven't tried this yet but I bet it would totally warm up a cooler lip color. Overall, I wish it wasn't so sheer but I don't regret buying it. If you want some color though, this won't do. 

- 944 Sangria Sunrise: forget using lipsticks as a stain, this gloss has now become the mainstay in my bag. It's translucent, but not as sheer as 943 Tangerine Tango, and it gives me a really nice wash of coral. It's like a my lips but glossier and more coral ^.^ And while I do have to apply a couple of layers to get enough color, I don't need a mirror to apply it, which makes it very convenient to carry around for someone lazy like me. Love it! So glad I bought 2 tubes of this color!

- 945 Salsa Sun: holy hell, this color turns out to be a lot more than what I bargained for - a bright, potent, and opaque orangey red. It turns so red on me! Check the swatches and see for yourself how much more pigmented it is than the other 2 colors! Don't get me wrong, I love yellow based reds, just that I can't wear this as often as I'd like. I totally would at home, since I'm a lot more comfortable in a familiar environment. But here in Japan, I'm still a bit self conscious and tend to shy away from bold colors. But I'm still happy I bought 2 tubes of this! It's the most perfect red gloss ever!

Left to right: 943 Tangerine Tango944 Sangria Sunrise, and 945 Salsa Sun

See my previous Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Gloss post.


kuri said...

ooh, pretty!
I especially like Salsa Sun, although I probably wouldn't be able to wear it too much.

I have a pink gloss from the Water Shiny Volumy Gloss line and it's quite pretty and wearable. It's not that pigmented but makes my lips look good :)

D. said...

Hi kuri,

Oh I've seen these Water Shiny Volumy Glosses! They look nice, but the price tag scared me away ^.^ May be I'll go take another look ;D

Yeah, as much as I love Salsa Sun, I probably won't be wearing it much myself. It's such a gorgeous red though. Haa, I need to grow some...courage :P


kuri said...

Yeah, I don't know if I'd buy another, but the one I have is nice.

I understand - I have at least 2 super bright glosses that just are not wearable normally. I love them but I can only wear them sheered out. Reds are so fun though!

D. said...

LOL and I'd go for another red or orange lippie in a heart beat too! But actually wearing them...

Here's to more reds ^.^


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