Friday, August 24, 2012

Astalift Moisture Kit

Read about the Astalift skincare line from Rouge Deluxe (and she from Yumeko, who listed it among her HGs in one of her Friday photo memes) several weeks ago. Naturally, I got curious. What, a skincare line from Fuji Film? Cool. 

So I went to Fuji Film skincare website to check it out and stumbled onto this amazing trial set, Astalift Moisture Kit, which includes Lotion 30mL bottle, their star product Jelly Aquarysta 0.5g x 10 packets, and Day Protector White 0.7g packet. The best part? It was only 500yen (~US$6) with free shipping! I just had to sign up for membership with the website, pick a payment method, and it's mine. Of course the trade off is that they now have my demographic information in addition to email and (no longer active - ha!) Japanese snail mail address, but still, I scored! 

Left: Astalift Moisture Kit
Right: Astalift skincare regiment
 ***Picture from Fuji Film Skincare Japan.

Majorly scored. In total, the trial kit has a calculated retail value of 1,979yen (~US$25), not counting the one packet of the Day Protector White. Not only I paid just a fourth of that price, I got it shipped to me for free! And within 2 days of ordering (standard shipping speed in Japan, by the way), it arrived in an unpackaged but factory sealed box. Now if that's not nice, I don't know what is!

Content and instructions card. Apparently this is a 5-day trial kit, which totally boggles my mind because a mere 5mL sample bottle of lotion takes me weeks to use up, twice a day. I really only need a few drops! Short of bathing my face with the stuff, how in the hell am I suppose to use up a 30mL bottle in 5 days? And Jelly Aquarysta too, each packet is supposed to be one use, and you are to use one packet in the morning and one in the evening. Who are they kidding?!? That's a whole lot of goop to slather on! Where is the "Japanese" dainty portions? When it comes to skincare usage portions, they sound so, umm, "American."

Prior to the kit's arrival, I kept pacing back and forth, anxiously wondering how the hell do I pay for it. I selected the conbini payment option at check out (in Japan, you can pay for almost anything at the convenience stores, so totally super duper awesome), but so far no email containing the payment information. What's going on here? Don't they want my money? Then I had hubby reread the order confirmation email again to make sure I didn't miss anything. He rolled his eyes, "Is this what my PhD is good for?" Me, nodding with puppy eyes, "Uh huh." That was when I learned the payment information is inside the sealed trial kit, meaning I go pay after I received the order. And sure enough, I opened up the trial kit and there it was, an invoice with all of 500yen in its balance field. Seriously?!? Wow. 

Left picture: the whole kit
Right picture: Lotion 30mL, retail value 798yen (3,990yen/150mL

Anyway, I haven't used any of these. Just wanted to post pictures ^.^ Will review these after a good trial. This kit is limited to just 1 per household, and I'm not sure it's still available online. If it's is, you should totally jump on it, if you have a current Japanese address, that is!

Left: Jelly Aquarysta, 0.5g x 10 packets, retail value 1,181yen (9,450yen/40g)
Right: Day Protector White, 0.7g x 1 packet

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