Monday, August 20, 2012

Croon a Song Meets Hello Kitty Spring 2011 Mook

Of course, moving house means unearthing things you've forgotten about for ages. My (hardly) skeleton in the closet includes a few magazines and mooks that I never got around to posting. So here goes.

First up is the Croon a Song Meets Hello Kitty Spring 2011 Mook, which comes with a black tote with white polka dots and charm.

The tote is made out of thick polyester fabric that is laminated on the inside. It measures 18(height) x 22(length) x 14(width) cm. 

The tote is squarish in shape and has a wide base. It is very well made with clean and even stitching. There is one interior pocket and all interior seams are covered. The handles are sewn double reinforced and it feels firmly attached.

The charm is a solid metal apple and is weighty despite being itty bitty. It's cute ^.^

The rest of the mook was meh as the clothes weren't exactly my cup of tea.

I would totally wear this trench cape (or is it a poncho?) though!

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