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With August 2012

With August 2012 issue came with a Clear Impression x Disney thermal lunch tote and bottle case set. Although I've never needed a thermal lunch bag before, I suddenly needed one now, especially when  it's white polka dots Mini Mouse print on black background. Yes, I should have grown out of this phase at least two decades ago. No, I don't care if you laugh at me. How can I ever resist Mini Mouse and polka dots at the same time?

The thermal tote is made out of nylon fabric measuring 16.5(height) x 27(length) x 9.5(width) cm. The bottle case measures 18(height) x 7.5(diameter) and fits a standard 500mL PET bottle, which is about the same size as the 16 fl oz. bottles at home. Both are well made.

The thermal tote is padded with the common aluminum lined padding and all inner seams are covered. It also has zipper closure and the handles are sewn with double-reinforced stitching.

To my surprise, the bottle case is also padded with the same aluminum lined padding with inner seams covered. It has a pull-string closure (see below picture).

Lunch tote and bottle case set.

An article on Ishihara Satomi, whose hit drama Rich Man Poor Woman co-starring Oguri Shun is currently airing.

How to mix things up a little with white and black pieces.

Black with beige, mint green, and lemon yellow (more like pale yellow, borderline ivory) pieces. White with beige, light blue and pale pink pieces.

White with light blue and pale pink.

Black with mint green and lemon yellow.

Styling questions and answers, very very loosely paraphrased.
Left page: Neat button-up x cropped pants.
Q - I dressed professionally, but I was still mistaken for a newbie grad (in Japan, fresh graduates looking for work dress very conservatively - black pant suit or black dress suit).
A - Try a dressy, feminine, and fitting blouse/button-up instead.
Right page: Loose knit x beige bottom.
Q - If my entire outfit is in neutral, wouldn't I look too plain?
A - Try a white bottom piece for a healthy feminine look.

Left page: Printed one piece (dress) x drapey cardigan
Q - What else goes well with a one piece (dress) aside from a drapey cardigan?
A - A light colored and drapey shirt-jacket will make for a smooth feminine look.
Right page: Loose blouse x fluttery skirt
Q - A loose blouse and a fluttery skirt is too thrown-together for the office.
A - Trade in one of the pieces for black for a fresh lady-like monotone look.

Left page: Nautical stripes x culottes.
Q - I don't want the nautical stripes and culottes from the college era.
A - Changing to a peplum top will make you look more of a grown up.
Right page: Dressy cutsew (a dressy/blousy jersey top) x skinny jeans
Q - My favorite cutsew doesn't pair well with my skinny jeans.
A - Pair it with a dressy skirt to dress it up.

Another thing I love about Japanese magazines is that they can get really creative with multiple ways to wear an item, not just styling it with other pieces.

Check out the many ways to wear a long drapey tunics that are cut specifically for this purpose.

The next several pages shows 15 ways to pair a specific point item.

A flare skirt.

Pleated culottes.

Cropped pants.

"Right choices" for work coordinates, as in (I think) recommended cuts in each numbered category.
#1 - Skirts
#2 - Jackets

#3 - Tops
#4 - Lace
#5 - Cardigans
#6 - Pants
#7 - Shirt dresses
#8 - Printed dresses

Work coordinate trends as spotted in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

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