Saturday, March 9, 2013

Steady August 2011

Trying to get these out before they pickle any longer -.-' This Steady August 2011 issue came with a L'est Rose multi-purpose bag-in-bag tote, and I picked it for the pretty pink rose bouquet print on a baby blue gingham background. 

The tote measures 17(height) x 25(length) x 10(width) cm and is made of polyester.

It is lined with pink polyester and is roomy with lots of pockets. In addition, it has 2 compartments divided by a middle zipper pouch.

One side has this mesh pocket. 

The middle zipper pouch is attached only on the two sides and not the bottom. Also, it cannot be detached and removed from the tote. 

The other side has yet another zipper pouch, and the reason this one is made of the same fabric as the outer tote is because it is detachable and can be removed. 

This detachable zipper pouch is the bag-in-bag namesake I think, and it is attached to the inner side of the tote with 2 buttons. 

Here's the detached zipper pouch. Unlike the tote, it is not lined and the inner seams aren't covered. Still, over all the tote is quite well made and is a fantastic freebie!

The magazine has an interview with Ayase Haruka.

The freebie tote.

These pages raised my eyebrows a bit. It says "Look 5kg slimmer in cute clothes." My thoughts? Yeah, right. Sure, there are outfits that will make you look slimmer, but 5kg is about 11 lbs.! An average Japanese gal is around my height, all of 5'2", and 11 lbs. off of my frame is quite a noticeable change!

Reader's self-style feedback, although I'm not sure if readers actually submitted these outfits for the stylist to comment/tweak or they grabbed random people, give them an article of clothing, asked them how they would wear it, then comment/tweak their styling.

Slimming and lengthening styling tweaks for shorter gals (around 155cm, ~5'1").

Here are 5kg slimming outfits! I guess they do look slimming ^.^

More styling Q&As (right page) and items ranking (left page).

A 360-degrees look at "yuru" pants. "Yuru" means easy and loose, but then the pictures show pleated capri chinos...


More chinos. But these look just like the "yuru" pants above! I don't get it...

Cargo pants.

Styling up with accessories.


Citrine said...

I really like Ayase's hair/makeup/outfit in the spread, would totally try to copy that look (now I just need to fine a good straw hat). The pouch is cute but I guess I would prefer the print in a pencil/makeup case, something a little smaller.

D. said...

I like the cute Peter Pan collar blouses too, although I don't think I can pull off the braided hair + straw hat + Peter Pan collar all at once LOL!!

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