Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Elixir Superieur Lifting Moisture Emulsion

This 8mL Elixir Superieur Lifting Moisture Emulsion Type II Moisturizing is taking me longer to finish than the 8mL Lifting Moisture Lotion! It is an emulsion, a light moisturizer to be layered underneath a milk or thicker cream if your skin needs the extra boost of moisture.

It came from the same Travel Kit, which also includes 8g Makeup Cleansing Gel N, 8g Cleansing Foam N Type II Moisturizing, Lifting Moisture Lotion Type II Moisturizing.

I actually started using this a couple of weeks before the Lifting Moisture Lotion, and somehow I finished the lotion first and still have enough of this emulsion for a couple more applications. This emulsion is does feel slightly sticky right after application, but like the lotion it will absorb and the stickiness will go away. 

I started out using this on my face, but I couldn't stand the smell and so it was quickly demoted to my neck and d├ęcolletage. This emulsion actually smells worser than the lotion, if you would believe it. It doesn't smell like generic soap. It smells down right like a cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles, to be exact, very much like the Naive White Facial Cleansing Foam. Is it me or many Japanese drugstore skincare and hand/body soap just smells like either generic soap or cleaner? Anyway, together with the lotion it does a good job of keeping my neck and d├ęcolletage area well moisturized and soft, but again it's nothing special. I can't wait to move on to the next item in line.

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