Friday, June 13, 2014

HABA Squalane Beauty Oil 15mL

This 15mL HABA Squalane Beauty Oil is another freebie I got from their Non-Additivism Mook released summer 2012 while I was still in Japan. I dug this out in April when my skin got really dry and flaky and used it as a daytime moisturizer, although this is oil is not restricted to facial use. It is multi-purpose, actually more like all-purpose and you can use it anywhere on your body, hair included. 

This oil is colorless and odorless, and yes it is an oil and thus is oily and slightly thick to the touch. However, once pressed into my face and massaged onto the back of my hands, elbows, and knees, it absorbs completely leaving behind no traces of oiliness or even the feel of oil. Yes, I like it very much as after absorption it doesn't interfere or clash with any of my sunscreens in any way. In fact, I would even argue it helps my makeup go on smoother!

However, HABA gets their squalane, the main ingredient in all their products, from shark liver - see my post on the G-Lotion. So yeah, as much as I like this stuff, I will not purchase anything more from HABA. It's not a self-righteous thing, more like an I-like-sharks thing ^.^ Plus squalane (and its non-hydrogenated and less saturated form squalene) can be derive just as well from plants.


kuri said...

Apparently northern Japan supplies China with shark fins - I wonder if the shark livers are a byproduct of that trade.
Dunno the details though.

D. said...

Hi kuri,

Well, I've never had shark fin soup and I never will ^.^ One more reason for me not to ever try it!

Sad for the sharks,

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