Friday, June 6, 2014

Hadanomy Collagen Cleansing

Ah jeez, is May gone already?!? Sorry for lagging behind again :(

Anyway, been using this Hadanomy Collagen Cleansing since April and it's about time for a review. This makeup cleansing gel is not your average foaming gel cleanser. In fact, it will not foam at all. This is actually a gel alternative to the cleansing oil, only it remains a gel through and through, not a gel-to-oil either.

Why? Because some folks are uncomfortable with and/or dislike the oily or silicone-y feel of cleansing oil, or find that cleansing oils are messy, spill-prone, and generally inconvenient to travel with (this I somewhat agree with). Hence the makeup cleansing gel that takes off both makeup and sunscreen, just like the cleansing oils do. 

And yes, you start with dry hands and dry face, just as you would with a cleansing oil. Massage thoroughly to remove makeup and sunscreen, then rinse. Some people like to add a little bit of water first to emulsify, just as others do with cleansing oil, massage some more before rinsing. After the dry hands and face it's pretty much personal preference.

For this particular makeup cleansing gel, I find that upon application it somewhat melts and turns watery, and even more so after some massaging into the skin. And I do admit I was skeptical at first whether it would remove waterproof sunscreen thoroughly - it does. It removes makeup just as well. It is very mildly scented with the same light citrusy fragrance common to the whole Hadanomy Collagen line. After washing off, my skin feels clean but not tight, so it's quite mild, if not milder than some cleansing oils out there even.

In the end though, I think I actually prefer the oily feel of the cleansing oil, but this is strictly personal preference and the product has absolutely no fault in it. I do enjoy using this makeup cleansing gel, I just like the feel of massaging oil into my skin better. It feels like, well, a massage. Whereas this cleansing gel feels like, well, a gel ^.^

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