Friday, December 26, 2014

FANCL Highlighter Part II

I picked up this new FANCL Highlighter along with the newer Cheek Color in Sweet Pink before I left Japan in the late summer of 2012. Like the previous Highlighter, this new one is available in only one color, the White Colors (very inspired name, isn't it?). I have been using both all this time but didn't get around to review until now.

Cheek Color in Sweet Pink and Highlighter White Colors. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Over all, the pressed powder highlighter is of the same quality, soft and smooth. I guess the first and foremost difference I can tell between this Highlighter and the previous one is that this one seems to lean warm, whereas the previous one has a column of blue in it. Not that it make a huge difference unless you're caking it on, because you won't be able to tell warm from cool with just a dusting. Another difference is that this one is much less shimmery than the previous. There are shimmers in this, but they're really extremely fine and give more of a brightening effect rather than the soft focus glow I got with the previous. Which is to say I prefer the old Highlighter better than this one (I hit pan, enough said!), but this one's not too bad. I'm glad I tried it and I'll keep it as an on the go item, which is perfect given its mini size. 

See my previous FANCL Highlighter post.

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